Picture of Don't Throw Away Your Tissue Boxes - Recycle Them
Have you noticed all the pretty designs on tissue boxes in the stores these days? I have and some of those printed beauties I just can't bear to throw away. And we don't need to be adding something so pretty to a landfill. So I reuse them in this way. I cut them up and make ATC's or tags or even gift cards from the old boxes. Here's how I do it.

Step 1: Open up the box

Picture of Open up the box
Open up the box at the glued end so it is now laying flat. It should look like the picture.
HarrisIndi3 years ago
This is an awesome idea for making gift giving personal, thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for ideas to make unique presents that are cheap too :)
babasfarmlife (author)  HarrisIndi3 years ago
Thanks! You really can't get any cheaper than free. Have fun in your gifting!
Wynd4 years ago
You can use the white/logo piece to make ATC bases, or bases for inchies, bookmarks, etc. You can cover the logos easily with any other material you want =D
babasfarmlife (author)  Wynd4 years ago
Excellent idea! Thanks!
Oh you are so welcome! =D
GailC4 years ago
Great idea! I go through a lot of tissues so it will be great to use them for some good.
babasfarmlife (author)  GailC4 years ago
Thanks Gail! So much better than having them go in a landfill.
I knew there was a reason I was hanging on to all those empty tissue boxes. Thanks for all the great ideas.

Seeing them actually cut into tags, ATCs, etc. shows how attractive they can be, and the tissue box origins are not apparent.

babasfarmlife (author)  islander_circe5 years ago
They are really fun to use on home made gift cards for Birthdays, etc.  Enjoy making some!
BarginsTech5 years ago
you can make playing cards out of them too. the plain cardboard side can be covered with a computer print out of the jack queen ect..
babasfarmlife (author)  BarginsTech5 years ago
Very cool idea!  Thanks.
Wafflicious6 years ago
I made a helmet out of tissue box before because my dad and I made a toilet costume for Halloween. It had a trash can at the bottom so it would *flush* the candy into it.

-Cool Idea I am going to make a bookmark now.
babasfarmlife (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago
That sounds really neat! I bet it was a fun Halloween!
clamoring6 years ago
Step one: you cut a hole in the box.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Nice instructable. _
Miss World6 years ago
This is such a good idea! I love this! :) thank you so much for the idea!
babasfarmlife (author)  Miss World6 years ago
You are very welcome. Have fun with it!
How cool are those! I know i person who used to have tissue box's and then cut them up into book-marks and other things and sell them at a local market.
babasfarmlife (author)  emersonjames6 years ago
That's very cool! I hope they made a lot of sales with that bookmark idea! I just hate to throw away anything that pretty.
Oh those are fantastic! What a fun and easy idea, I love repurposing!
babasfarmlife (author)  OnePrettyThing6 years ago
Thanks so much for your comment. I just hate to throw anything that pretty away.