'Don't Touch My Stache' Money Jar





Introduction: 'Don't Touch My Stache' Money Jar

Step 1: You Will Need

A jar, scissors, glue stick, Sellotape, permanent marker and print outs of moustache patterns and a don't touch my stache print out as seen above

Step 2: Cut Out Print Outs

Do as says above

Step 3: Fold Your Sellotape

Fold your Sellotape to make it double sided stick and stick inside your jar

Step 4: Trace It

Use your permanent marker to trace the design

Step 5: Take Design Out

Step 6: Go Over It

Go over your design again to thicken your tracing

Step 7: Take Your Design

Take your design and draw around your lid on it 1 inch bigger than the real size of your jar lid

Step 8: Glue It

Glue the back of the lid onto the design

Step 9: Cut Strips All Around

Not to thin but not too thick either

Step 10: Glue Strips

Glue strips and fold round rim holding down with Sellotape if needed

Step 11: Like This

If you want to you can cut to size a plain piece of card an stick inside the lid

Step 12: You Are Now Done

Please follow



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