Picture of Don't Touch the Package

If you touch the package, it will scream and run away--changing its course when it strikes an obstacle.

When you lift the gift tag, light strikes a photocell and operation commences.  Motors and a sound module are controlled by an Arduino (and Arduino Motor Shield).

Major components required are:

Motorized toy--Kid Galazy Morphibians Rover Remote Control Car; Amazon.com
Arduino Uno
Arduino Motor Shield
Recording Module--Radio Shack 276-1323
Photocell--Jameco 120299
Relay--Jameco 139977
DPDT switch
1K resistor
10K resistor
2n2222a transistor
1n4004 diode
(7) AA batteries
9 V battery
Battery holders
tape, screws, mounting hardware, wire, wire wrap wire, heat shrink tubing, solder
cardboard, wrapping paper
support structure (I printed mine with a 3d printer--it could be made from plywood)  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38370
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Step 1:

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In concept, this is fairly simple.  Lift the tag and light strikes a photocell--triggering the action.  The sound module plays a prerecorded "Eeek" and the package backs up, turns and takes off.  The Arduino/Motor Shield monitors current going to the motors.  When the package strikes an object, one or both motors struggle to operate and draw an increased amount of current.  The increase in current lets the Arduino know it is time to play the "Eeek," then back up, turn and take off.  This continues until the master toggle switch is turned off.

Add "+" from the recording module to the top of the relay/1n4004 diode.

Step 2:

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Remove the passenger compartment of the car.

Step 3:

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Separate the bottom of the car from the top by removing the screws in the base.

Step 4:

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Cut the wires to the receiver module and save the module for a future project.

Step 5:

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Drill holes in the battery compartment and bring the motor wires through those holes.

Step 6:

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Solder extension wires to the motor wires.  I use heat shrinkable tubing to secure the connection.

Step 7:

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Take the printed "screaming base" (see Thingiverse -- or make one from plywood) and route the wires through the center.

Step 8:

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Secure the base to the wheel platform with screws.
OH SNAP!2 years ago
i dont think you have to cut the trace between the 2 power supplies-my motorshield came with a jumper, thought maybe i have a newer version. great job though! wish i had seen this before xmas!
MikeTheMaker (author)  OH SNAP!2 years ago
True--you don't have to cut the trace; the motor supply can be used to power the processor. When I tried it that way, the motor noise (and dips in the supply voltage) resulted in erratic operation. Maybe it could be filtered with a capacitor . . . .
jjmcgaffey2 years ago
LOL Penolopy Bulnick - me too, my immediate thought was to record a cat yowl (from me, not a cat!) instead of the Eeek.
agis682 years ago
well once i've done something similar but more scary. Were the era of suspicius mails with white dust and (or) bomb packages....so i wrapped a clock and i connected the starting switch wire with a touch switch on the wrapping paper.....you have to see all these scerified faces
MikeTheMaker (author)  agis682 years ago
Fun! Sad that we have to be so careful these days . .
yeap...shame!!!! ;(
Tomdf2 years ago
Ha, Mrigbsy you have the wackiest ideas. Love it!
MikeTheMaker (author)  Tomdf2 years ago
I'd like to say I'm thinking "outside the box," but this is inside . . .
This is great!
hahaha that would be very very funny to watch!
This is awesome and so hilarious! I just picture a crazy cat stuck in a box!