I just love those deep, gallery wrapped canvases and wanted to create some trashy "on the cheap" art for the "Trash to Treasure" contest. As I was unloading my Costco box of olives, I realized that the flat box they came in looked a lot like a gallery canvas so I decided it was just the thing!

I've had a collection of well-used stencils since I worked at a scenic studio back
in the late 90's. We tagged the back of the scenery with them so they were used over and over again until they were thick and dripping with many colors. When the time came to replace the stencils, I promptly rescued the beautiful things from the trash. Yeah, that's a long time to keep trash but I knew someday I'd find the perfect use for them.

Time to turn trash into treasure!

Materials for a simple gallery canvas:

  • 1 flat box from food or product packaging
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • gesso
  • acrylic or latex paint

Step 1: Steal a Box, Grab Some Tape...

I say "steal" but boxes are free, right? Sometimes when I go to Costco or other places that dole out boxes to use, I hunt for extra good ones that would make excellent gallery frames and I snag as many as I like. You're doing your part for the environment...don't make trash, make art!

Next, grab some masking tape. If you don't have any, hit up the Dollar Tree for some $1 rolls. I'd consider everything they sell to qualify as "trash", so I thought it fitting to use their tape for this project. Plus, at $1 a roll...you can feel free to go wild with your tape texture.

<p>I love this, very creative!</p>
<p>This is quite amazing. </p><p>You are cordially invited to check my indestructible as well.</p>
Haha &quot;your trashy art&quot; is now ready to hang. Love it! Biggest take away is that painting with a rag technique for me
<p>Beware, it might end up as a trashy Christmas gift! Thanks for your comment, I got to thinking about it and added some more info on how to do that rag painting. </p>
<p>Awesome art piece. I would love to have this hanging on my walls.</p>
<p>Aww, thanks so much!</p>

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