Don’t have much space left in the closet? Fed up with stains and sometimes torn fabric? Tired of searching for the perfect Halloween costume? Well, search no longer! As a group project, my class was instructed to make a costume out of slotted cardboard.Each costume was to be marine themed and made of recyclable materials. By making this costume, you will not only look amazing on Halloween, but you will be helping the environment!
      In this particular project, I was in charge of creating the Blue Crab Slotted Cardboard Costume. In addition, I was responsible for researching the sizes of children costume sizes and assembling the works cited page. I was responsible for creating this Instructables page. First, we brainstormed ideas for a project. From there we began to compose drawings that would be the outline of the costume. After, we began cutting and creating our costume pieces, and eventually put them together.
      The costume was to be made completely of recycled materials. In addition, tape, glue, or any other non-recyclable materials were not allowed to be used. The group also had to create a portfolio, which was composed of brainstorming, developmental, orthographic, and other drawings. The portfolio included a background, rationale, and other documents vital to the project.


Step 1: Materials

Supplies :

Cardboard (S1)
     Size:  9'X5'
Tools and Equipment:
     Cutting mat (T1)
     Utility Knife (T2)
     Ruler (T3)
     Pencil (T4)
     Sharpie (T5)

     2 Body parts (P1)
     6 Legs (P2)
     2 Claws (P3)
     2 Shoulder Straps (P4)

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