Step 2: Mend it

To fix a damaged stretcher match up the rivet holes of the two pieces of broken stretcher and pass the wire through the holes. Wrap the wire around and thread through again.
<p>I can't find anybody telling how to re-tie the untied string on the tips of my big Tote's umbrella. It doesn't have caps on its tips; just threaded black strings; they must be tied and wrapped in a certain way so as not to rip the fabric and hold all secure. Can anybody hook me up with that repair with pics? Even a drawing would be better than nothing. Thank you.<br>ps I'd rather not take Tote's up on their lifetime warranty repairs. Some of those companies just send a replacement, but they no longer sell this deluxe baby, and I don't want to lose it.</p>
<p>One of my tip ends broke on my favorite umbrella! I have looked everywhere for a fix and can't find one! I have fixed my ribs before, but no one carries the replacement tips for the ribs that I can find.</p>
This is a GREAT idea to fix your broken umbrella and another idea is to donate the metal supports to a Rosary Making Group.&nbsp; There are ladies who make knots by forming the yarn (twine, cord ?) around the metal that is like a tunnel and then make the knotted cords into rosaries. Often they are sent to our Military overseas.&nbsp; Or you can make your own knotted cord to use as trellises or other gardening projects, I did not search where to send them because I have no brioken umbrellas.&nbsp; (And don't want any).&nbsp;
hello bythepiece, I am a designer who works exclusively with broken umbrellas, and I do not use the metal parts at all, only the fabric to create functional, stylish softgoods, you can see them on my website<a href="http://www.recyclingzychal.etsy.com" rel="nofollow"> www.recyclingzychal.etsy.com</a>.<br /> anyway, I&nbsp;would love to help the Rosary Making Group by sending them some of my umbrella skeletons. please email me at recyclingzychal@gmail.com<br /> Thank you!<br /> <br />
A good idea and for a worthy cause.<br />
This is an easy fix, I use staples sometimes to bend through the rivet.<br /> <br /> When the stitching on the tip breaks from the fabric, I use a staple again to stick it back on.&nbsp;&nbsp;Though to be honest, more often than not, the umbrella failure is when one of the arms snaps due to the very brittle steel.&nbsp;&nbsp;I find this is a more irrepriable injury.
Where I live high-winds do more than this... I's such an easy fix, nice job.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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