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I hate to see anything go to waste so when I saw a wooden spoon being thrown out, I had to act.

So what if the outside of the wood looks dirty and unappealing, that doesn't mean to say that the wood beneath looks the same.

With a little light sanding the spoon can be spruced up.

Materials Required:

Some clean oil, if you wish to bring out the grain of the wood - I use vegetable oil because I want to but many fastidious people prefer to use mineral oils. That's ok too.


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Rub the sandpaper over the dark areas, just enough to remove the ingrained oil and reveal the lighter wood beneath.

Ensure that you rub along the grain rather than against it. The spoon is made such that grain runs along the length of the spoon so the sandpaper needs to be rubbed along the length.

When finished, wash and dry the spoon to remove wood dust.


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If you wish, you can rub a little clean oil over the sanded wood to bring out the grain.

You can do this to an old wooden chopping board too. Sand and oil to make the board look as good as new.

We must all get the most out of the things we buy and avoid the throwaway culture that is devouring our resources of material and money.

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I do this with new ones so they'll feel better. I use a fine grit sandpaper and get them smooth as silk and then coat them with some mineral oil.
Mineral oil? What kind?<br><br>Wouldn't some vegetable oil be better seeing as it is used for cooking.<br><br>When you say mineral oil, things like 10W40 engine oil comes to mind.
No, mineral oil is safe for consumption (its also a laxative) and it wont go rancid like vegetable oil will<br>
I have just been educated. Thanks!
Yes, I was just going to suggest mineral oil too. I used to keep my chopping blocks supple with vegetable oil. That's when I learned that vegetable oil can go rancid, but mineral oil won't!

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