Find the Things You Are Looking for at the Thrift Store!


Introduction: Find the Things You Are Looking for at the Thrift Store!

Many ,many times i have wanted to get a new this or a better that.  In my slide show here i have a few pictures of things that ive found at the thrift store.  Each time i would go and find something that was really cool or better than the one i had been previously using.   Going to the thrift store is like going to the biggest garage sale in town(at least the thrift stores i go to are that big).  You really just have to go until you find what you are looking for.  There are a few tricks to finding a good store.  Big cities have better thrift stores because people move to the cities and they bring more than they can store so they donate.  Also depending on what you are looking for you can make a better decision on where to go.  If you want old army clothes then go to a place that is near a military base.  If you want old vinyl lp's then go to where our elders go to live out their retirement years.  Thrift stores arent just for old clothes.  I think people are put off by the thought of thrift stores because they have it in their minds that only poor people shop there or they just think that if you dont pay a ton of money for what ever then its bad.  To those people i say get off your high horse.  You are a close minded idiot if you think that.  Somebody that did think like that bought that 100 dollar coffee mug in the first place and thats how it ended up here in your local thrift store.  I have found some really cool stuff that was just so cheap.  I always feel good when i find something that i was looking for.  Like when you play with legos and you find that piece that you've been looking for for the last 3 hours while watching duck tales.    So get out there and feel the thrill of the hunt!  And for those of you who are not convinced, fine, more for me! 



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    I have to say that i also love the thrill of the hunt that comes from thrift stores. Sort of easter egg hunt on Christmas morning sort of thing. I also have no problem going dumster diving if i think i see something that may be worth something. If you have a college campus near you check around the dorms at years end, the kids throw away all the things they cannot haul away. I have gotten some very nice things from there. Thumbs up on this instructable.

    i got a MX 5000 bluetooth keyboard for $7.00. thrift stores are my favorite place to get stuff, garage sales are good places too cough*free PS2*cough (it takes experience to know how to get the good deals)

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    thats way cool dude.  yeah it really does take experience to get the good stuff.  its all about knowing where to go and what to look for.  depending on the people having the garage sale too.  if they are an old cat lady she may have a million porcelain cats.  she might also have an unopened game system that she bought for her grandson little billy but was too senile to remember that she even had a grandson in the first place.

    exactly, and it will take a few years to get a collection of good stuff even if you know what to look for. another good place to look (although very rare) is the garbage, i have found 2 xboxs a playstation, a super nintendo, and about 30 games, from three different people throwing them out. they all had controllers and cables, and they all worked! except for 1 game. so just keep an eye out for electonic stuff  that people are throwing away.(cables hanging out of boxes or the can)

    Large apartment buildings are the best around here, almost always something laying around.  Just pulled apart an old computer that was sitting in mine a few days ago and got tons of electronic project parts and circuit boards.  Printers and scanners seem to be the most bountiful.  Some of the best finds are when you see that one of the wiser members of society passed away and they just dump their life's possessions into a dumpster in front of the house.  Can be a bit morose, though, but amazing for collage & ephemera.

    The thrift stores in my area suck. They are all over priced. Almost all of the items you list here would be double in my area.

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    yeah some stores out there that are "private owned"  really do suck.  i know.  what stores are you going to?  like goodwill or salvation army?

    that button on you keyboard "fn"  means function its for labtops i dont know why its on yours

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    maybe i can figure out how to reassign it and make it something useful.  thanks dude.