Introduction: Don't Throw Away That Old External Frame Pack Just Yet.

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This is basically an update to my post for my Go/Hiking pack.

So, I pretty much love the pack I've been using for years now and I'm not really looking forward to the cost of upgrading to a frame pack that would suit my needs.
A while back I was cleaning out my closet and ran across two old frame pack that I used when I was....... well......"younger".
sitting there trying to decide if I should throw them out or not (I hate tossing stuff that I can put to use, even if not for it's intended purpose.) I started thinking about how to incorporate it into me existing pack, breathing new life into an old bag.
So, the images that follow should give an idea of how I went about it. Honestly, it was a really simple mod that was pretty close to 100% reversible 

Just as a side note, the second frame is going to be made into a bike trailer. May be a while but I'll post that as I go as well.

I do hope this gives an idea on how to re-purpose that old pack and reinvigorate a pack that suits you better.



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