Introduction: Don't Throw Your Old CFL Into Garbage

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Hayy guys
Here i'm explains simple way to reuse your old fused CFL.


Fused CFL 5W (any range you can choose)
5W tube 
Insulation tape.

*This method is only used for fused tube & there is no problem in the circuit board.

Step 1: Open the CFL

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Open the CFL using Screwdriver and remove the top tube part.
Check the tube using multimeter & make sure tube is fused.

Step 2: Give Connections to Circuit Board

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Take out connections from circuit board using soldering iron.

Step 3: Seal the Cap

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Seal the CFL cap using insulation tap.

Step 4: Connections for Tube

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wires taken out from the CFL cap connect into 5W tube.

Step 5: New CFL Is Ready

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Test your new CFL


Electrospark (author)2014-10-04

awesome! is the tube brighter than when connected to a regular tube driver?

pfred2 (author)2013-11-29

When you, "Check the tube using multimeter" What exactly are you checking for? Like what is a good reading, and a bad one?

kdas_kvs (author)pfred22013-12-07

Check the continuity test. put the multimeter in ohm position or continuity testing position. So you should get a ohms reading for bulb.A good reading may less than 20 ohms or the same reading when you short the multimeter probes at continuity position.

pfred2 (author)kdas_kvs2013-12-07

OK thanks.

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