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Hi my name is Dorjon Gordon and I'm going to be teaching you guys how to make the BEST donut holes in the world.

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First thing you guys need are your Materials
. A skillet
. Cooking oil
. Pills bury dough boy biscuits
. A paper bag
. Sugar
. Cinnamon
. A plate

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Now you guys are going to need to rip the biscuits and turn them into little mini size balls.

Step 3:

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Now you guys are gonna but the cinnamon and sugar in the paper bag and shake the bag for about 10-15 seconds

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When you are done finishing rolling your balls you must pour the cooking oil in the skillet and set at 450 degrees.

Step 5:

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It should take at least 10mins for the donuts to be done and Now you should put the donuts in the paper bag and shake them up for a good 20 seconds and there you go your finishing product is there.

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wold630 (author)2016-05-24

It would be great to see the completed donut holes as your main intro image instead of the ape thing. That way people would know what the instructable is about!

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