Picture of DoodleBot360
This is a very simple vibrobot to make, and a lot of fun to play with.  I was a cubmaster for 3 years, and this is the kind of project that is perfect for that age group (8 to 11 years-old).  Even if you are not in that age group, you can still have a lot of fun making and experimenting with DoodleBot360! 

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Step 1: Here's what you need...

Picture of Here's what you need...

Like I said, this doesn't get much easier and it's cheap.

1 - CD or DVD.  This is something you can make with those old scratched up discs.
1 - Dollar Store vibrating toothbrush.
1 - Package of Markers.
1 - Hot glue

You will also need a drill and drill bit to make the holes.  The size of drill bit depends on the diameter of the markers.  The markers that I used are 3/8" in diameter

Step 2: Drill and Glue

Picture of Drill and Glue

If you couldn't tell from the intro, this is going to be so simple.

1> You need to measure the diameter of your markers.  The ones that I used are slightly tapered, so a 3/8" drill worked perfectly.

2> Drill a series of at least 3 holes in your CD.  I recommend having a wood block under the CD as you drill.  The hole stays cleaner, and is less likely to break the disk.  As you can see I did one with 3 holes, and another with 8 holes.  Why the difference?  That is what makes DoodleBot360 so much fun.  You can experiment with different hole configurations to see what happens.  (Note: I found that I could not get it to move much with 8 markers and 1 motor.  I might try 8 markers and 2 motors)

3> Remove the toothbrush head, install batteries, and then hot glue the base to the CD.  Becareful not to glue the battery holder down, so you can change the battery when it goes dead.

Almost done...

ynze2 years ago
Hi dlcain, we used your Doodlebot360 as a kids workshop during the Mini Maker Faire in Groningen, the Netherlands. Kids had GREAT FUN building your project! Thanks for sharing, big time! I posted a report on the MF on the forum, over here. There's a video too...

anke-art3 years ago
Great project, I'll try it with my kindergarten students!
Wow oh wow very cool idea! Thanks for sharing
Sarah Soos4 years ago
Amazing Bot :)
I'm so excited to see the video of DoodleBot350 moving!
Really, if I got the time, drill and a vernier, I would make one. YAY! :D Excuse my excitement. XD
Browncoat4 years ago
Very clever!!
that's really nice! looks cool......