Introduction: Doodles: Anime With a Pen

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Let's say you're on a road trip. You're in the backseat heading to your grandparents house. You have a receipt or a scrap of paper or maybe even a napkin! And a pen. You love anime? Then learn how to draw some thing you're truly satisfied with so you don't waste so much paper!

Step 1: Find Random Stuff

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Look around. Find something like a receipt, napkin, sticker sheet without stickers, etc. Basically something paper. And dig around for a pen.

Step 2: Eyes

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Plan your eyes. Flip the paper over a lightly draw a pair. Use your own or the ones I drew.

Step 3: First Part of Your Drawing

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At this point you should have a vision in your head of what he/she looks like, so let's get started. To draw a head shape make a U with a pointed bottom. Then make a neck with two lines and shoulders.

Step 4: Make the Hair

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Start with the bangs or front. (Sorry don't have those pictures) Then add the back. Like ponytails, pigtails, braids, down, etc. Add hair accessories.

Step 5: Facial Features

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Add eyes, nose, mouth, and optional: blush.

Step 6: Torso

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Attach torso to shoulders(don't make arms yet!) and make desired shirt or dress. Add wrinkles for a more anime look.

Step 7: Almost Done

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Add arms and legs. Hands are a little difficult so don't fret. For pants add wrinkles(unlike my mistake -_-).

Step 8: Now...

Picture of Now...

DONE! You can add background but I like it this way! So yeah! Try it out and tell me how it works out! 'Kay?


my sweet girl (author)2013-07-29


22pella made it! (author)my sweet girl2016-01-16

I drew that that image there

TieDIY (author)2014-06-11

Wowzas! You're a great and talented anime artist and I believe you could be a professional. If this is just a quick drawing- in pen- I can't wait to see a very detailed drawing! Good job, looking foward to more. Keep up your good work!

twilightfox (author)TieDIY2014-08-16

I do it too

thehbird (author)2014-02-05

what about feet?

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