Doomguy's Expressions





Introduction: Doomguy's Expressions

To nerdify my home a little bit more, I decided to frame three expressions of the iconic Doomguy.


Stuff I used for this project:

  • Foam rubber sheets
  • Spray glue
  • Knife
  • Printer
  • Picture frame
  • Red plasti dip
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Stone structure spray

Step 1: Don't Hurt Me Plenty

At first I printed the three faces of Doomguy on inkjet paper and glued it onto a sheet of white foam rubber. After this had dried, I carefully cut along the edges of the print. To get a 3D-like effect I glued the three faces on black foam rubber as a base.

Step 2: Spray and Pray

To mimic the color scheme of the Doom cover art, I decided to spray the frame in yellow and red. Since I already had yellow spray paint and red plasti dip I hoped that those two different spray colors would work together.

I startet with the yellow part and after this was dry, I added the layer of red. It was a little bit too much of plasti dip and the frame was not leveled, so I accidentally “created” some tears. But this fits to the bloody nostalgia this game is.

In the game, the face is set in a gray section at the bottom of the screen, so I wanted to alternate the surface of the passepartout, too. For this I used some structure spray - a little bit expensive for a can of spray paint, but the outcome was worth it.

Step 3: Ultra-Violence

After everything was dry, I just putted the frame back together and it was done. Very easy little project with a nice individualized frame in the end.

I hope you like the idea and thank you very much for reading. If you are interested, I did some other frames in the last few weeks.



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    Wonderful idea. I think I might have a go! great job and thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Thanks for reading, override!

    I started with Doom when it first came out.. I still play Doom1 and Doom2 to this day... Plenty of add on wads out there... I like this!!...

    1 reply

    Thank you very much! Just a couple of weeks ago I tried the Retropie on an Raspian Pi with Doom preinstalled. 20 years on its back, but still a lot of fun!

    Gday champ. Love your doom guy frame. It takes me back about 20 years.
    Can you post a pic of the grey paint you used. It'd be real handy for something I have in mind.

    3 replies

    Hi Ryan, thank you very much. I forgot to post a picture of the can, but here it is. I think there are several brands offering this kind so spray, but I found this one in a local shop. Very easy to spray with it. Hope that helps.


    Thanks Christof.

    At least I know what to look for. Otherwise hammertone will have to suffice

    At first I had a can of hammertone in my hands, too, but due to the fact that the passepartout is from cardboard and the spray example looked so fluid, I was afraid of bending the cardboard too much. Do you write an instruction? Would be happy to see what you are planning ;-)

    Thank you very much. Did not expect that it turns out so well... plasti dip is really good stuff!