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If anything like Terminator or The Day After Tomorrow ever does happen; it would be important to have a dooms day box in which contains everything you would personal need to survive a nuclear holocaust or massive environmental weather changes. In the box would contain some of the essiental tools needed for survival. So lets get started...

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Step 1: Medical Supplies

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In case you ever find your self in need of a band aid after a nasty duel with a T-101 Terminator (if you survive) or rabid squirrel, you may want to keep the cut, bruise, gash, well protected so it can heal correctly. Oh and F.Y.I. it would be best if this stuff be in its own container. It can include anything from band-aids to toilet paper, some of the stuff I put in my box are...

-Band aids
-Bandage tape
-Nail Clippers
-Blood stopper
-After bite

I would strongly suggest that you do not put any advil or similar pain killers in there, just because most of those types of pills have a due date.

Step 2: What You Want to Have

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Below is a picture of everything I encluded in my box, there are notes to explain what they are.

Step 3: Tools

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Of course you will need tools to build a shelter or dissect a small terminator to remove its chip (thus de-activiting it). Here are some helpful tools you should have...

-At least two types of screw drivers
-wire cutters/strippers
-needle nose pliers
-super glue
-maker or pen

If any other tools you might see as useful, add them.

Step 4: Electronics

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Here are some simple yet efficient ways to harness free engery, know the date via radio, or find some small pocket change or any other useful metal. Here are some of those simple yet efficient electronics that I included...

-Pocket Radio
-FLED Solar engine (
-Simple Metal Dector (
-soldering iron + solder (not shown)

Using the solar engine you can power a cell phone (if you get some reception) or use it to power the radio. The metal dector will assist you in finding some small metallic parts or pocket change (Ex: quarters, penny's, dimes, any currency thats magnetic). The soldering iron will help you solder metal to metal or enable you to build some sort of helpful electronic device.

Step 5: Box

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the box you use should be durable, metal, and be able to take a beating with out breaking. I used a metal box I found while cleaning out the attic. After a quick spray paint and some oiling, it was as good as new!

Step 6: Money

Picture of Money

You can never go wrong with adding allittle cash. who knows? maybe while you get your life back in order after the dooms day event you will need to but a couple of items. I just threw in two $10 bills, (but took them out later :P).

Step 7: Final Touches

Once everything is in order you might want to put it a safe place. If you feel the need to add anything please do this ible is only a guide to what you can use. Over all keep it tidy and up-to-date you never know when a nuclear holocaust or strange weather may occur!


gaieb (author)2015-06-03

The first thing you need is knowledge on how to survive, then you need practice, book knowledge is fine but for any real when the SHTF knowing how to do it, because you have already tried it and knows it works is the best way. From what I see, you have little or no knowledge of what you would need to survive even a couple days.

lperkins (author)2011-12-04

I know it's not PC to say so, but if you're really planning on a doomsday scenario, your kit should include weapons. When you crawl out of the rubble of a nuclear holocaust, there won't be any police protection. If you have a kit like this, and no means of defending it, you won't have a kit like this for very long. You want one of the most effective weapons you can legally possess, (gun, crossbow, atlatl, whatever depending on where you live) and one of the most sustainable weapons you can possess (sword, carving knife, stick, depending on where you live.)

If you're skeptical, just look at New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina where police officers were caught *joining* the looters. When society breaks down, the only people you can count on to defend you will likely be your family and your friends. Be sure you're capable of doing it.

lperkins (author)2011-12-04

Money is good, though it may be worthless if the disaster really is of doomsday quality. Add in some small jewelry items (rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) human beings will do all kinds of things for shinies. But honestly the rest of the contents of your box are likely to be far more valuable in any kind of prolonged apocalypse.

lperkins (author)2011-12-04

Surplus Navy ammunition boxes are good choices. They're designed to be in and around water, so most of them have rubber seals to keep out moisture.

lperkins (author)2011-12-04

Add a flint and steel and some cotton balls soaked in wax. The flint and steel will light more fires than the options you have there, and the cotton balls will provide tinder in case everything you can find is wet. A waterproof box for collecting and storing tinder and fire-producing items is always a good idea.

tppatriot (author)2009-09-15

Excellent effort! ANY thing is better than nothing. It's absolutely amazing what you can fit in a pocket sized pouch, AND how much you can do with so little. That said, bartering is going to be the way. Cigarettes (I don't smoke), batteries, coffee, skills, will be the currency of the realm.

lperkins (author)tppatriot2011-12-04

A pack of Cigarettes is an extremely useful object. You can use them for barter, for carrying fire, as tinder, and you can extract enough nicotine from them, even with primitive equipment, to be usable as an insecticide (depending on what kind of apocalypse comes to pass.)

lperkins (author)2011-12-04

For a "doomsday" first aid kit, you're also going to want to add a tube of super glue (bonds cut skin in seconds) a roll of 3M electrical tape (The stretchiness lets it be used both to hold bandages and as a tourniquet) A needle and mono-filament fishing line (for when the super glue runs out) some small buttons (for padding sutures). Razor blades, a scalpel, a good pair of shears, and two pairs of forceps, a large quantity of sterile gauze, a bottle of alcohol and a box of rubber gloves.

That's the minimum. Painkillers and antibiotics are good things to put in as well. Also a couple of epi-pens and other, similar, "if someone needs this and I don't have it immediately they'll die" supplies. Do some research, be sure to get drugs that lose potency as they age, not ones that become toxic where possible. Also include a reference manual for medicinal uses of plants native to your area. Replace anything that goes bad when necessary. Remember, for a true "doomsday" kit, you have to assume that trained medical attention will be unavailable.

If you can't legally get antibiotics for this purpose, sulphonamides make a second-best substitute. They're not as good since they cause liver damage if taken internally for prolonged periods, but that's better than dying of gangrene. They can be procured "for animal use only" in many places. (Please note I'm not recommending that you use any such thing on a human being in any situation where there is any alternative other than slow, lingering death. Such use would be illegal. If there's medical assistance available, use it.)

There are undoubtedly more things that would be good ideas to have. Remember, "doomsday" means that you have only what you have, so be sure to have everything you'll need.

dracorabbid (author)2011-10-17

don't forget duct tape

Set124 (author)2011-03-08

Be sure to bring a towel. It's one of the most important things anyone could have. Oh, and the answer to life, the universe, and everything, is 42.

luudvig (author)2010-08-14

LOL, now you only need a underground bunker or something :P

lemonie (author)2009-05-27

Congrat's on making the effort to photograph this nicely. You need a good knife in there, useful for so many things. I'd suggest something other than money as currency - doomsday situations can render paper worthless. And how about a bottle of meths - it's antiseptic and a fire-lighter? L

TXTCLA55 (author)lemonie2009-05-28

Yes, a good knife would be needed. Thanks.

salec (author)TXTCLA552010-08-13

Swiss-army knife has a lot of goodies on it.

lemonie (author)TXTCLA552009-05-28

If you've got room, could you squeeze in some Kendal Mint-cake? It's essentially a brick of mint-flavoured sugar, but a concentrated form of ready-energy. You might appreciate it while finding other food.


unidyne (author)2010-03-23

In case of a true disaster, currency may be worthless. Consider adding small silver coins (such as pre-1965 USA dimes & quarters).

lane29 (author)2010-03-16

u just need a big silo of gas instead of all that so when the world turns into the movie road warrior you will be rich and be able to get watever you want

canengri (author)2009-06-04

You could use storm matches, they're made to light up and stay lit in adverse conditions, camping shops sell them. Alternatively, cover some matches in melted candle wax. Keeps them waterproof and helps them light. Super glue can also be used to close wounds, however, do not use unless in emergency situation, where no medical help is available. Super glue was developed by the military for this purpose after all. Replace pens and lighters frequently, the contents may evaporate and dry up after a while. A multi-tool is also a good idea as it incorporates lots of useful heads and blades.

SuperXmouse (author)canengri2010-03-10

Dont forget duct tape

harvey639 (author)2010-01-17

 I put some water purification tablets in mine.

Wesley666 (author)2010-01-07

Why would you need money?  If the world ends everyone is going to turn to looting and money will b useless...unless civilization starts up again, then you might want to hoard it...

romwil (author)2010-01-07

 Pencils - no need to keep replacing them.  

milsorgen (author)2010-01-06

 for money your not going to want US currency, probably precious metals or pop caps

tesla coil (author)2009-09-04

Put in a GEIGER COUNTER there good for surviving the following : nuclear war ,terrorist attack , Zombie invasion , Atom bomb , Hydrogen bomb, ect;

Colonel88 (author)tesla coil2009-09-28

ZOmbie invasion? then put in a gun!

mwhpro (author)2009-05-28

this reminds me of fallout for some strange reason haha

Udon (author)mwhpro2009-06-25

Yeah, you should also keep a PipBoy 2000 in your kit. Along with some giant cockroach guts. For radiation poisoning. And a salamander on a stick. NyumNyumNyum.

Udon (author)2009-06-25

DoomDoomDoomDoooooooooomm. You should also carry a few cables ties and a roll of wire. Carry strong aspirin pain-killer - they're all purpose, and they last for years. What's the metal dector for? Why would you want to dect metal? But after a doomsday (DoomDoomDoomDoooooooooomm...), or a war, money would make pretty classy bogpaper, but little else. Gold would be better - it will never lose it's value. And you REALLY should carry latex gloves as latex gloves - I once had to crack open my kit for a guy who'd been badly slashed on his arm. But I discovered later he had done it himself and was so high. And afterwards I was covered in his blood. That was a hassle to get HIV/AIDS tests, Hep tests, and again 3 months later. To take ARV's or not? I was fine, but it was really stupid to not to bring latex gloves.

vrodney (author)2009-06-07

Potassium iodide don't leave home without it

canengri (author)2009-06-04

I have a reel of fine but strong fishing line, fish hooks, plus needles in mine - the fishing line and hooks - that's obvious - but fishing line can double as snares to trap animals, and with fine curved needles you can use it to sew wounds should you need to and with straight ones you can repair your clothes. I also have a reel of linen thread - its stronger than cotton and more durable. You can also use fishing line to secure all sorts of things like tarp canopies and branches and because of its strength it can remain quite thin so you get a lot in a small space! Your idea for this kit is great btw. I like the solar engine idea, never thought of that for mine, think I'll add it.

canengri (author)2009-06-04

what about a dynamo (wind-up) radio/torch?

canengri (author)2009-06-04

like the solar power idea. In the type of situations you are describing needing this, the money would probably be no more use than as fire lighters. Likely the economy would collapse if such a disaster arose. However, not such a bad idea as you might find you only need this kit to survive until order is restored and money may still be required. I doubt it would retain its value though.

canengri (author)2009-06-04

A plastic bag is also a neat idea to cover dressings to keep them waterproof - a bag you can get your whole hand in for example. You can also use it to cover burns. Good post, neat ideas.

tomha_the_cat (author)2009-06-03

Great kit, I have several of my own creation. you need a multi-tool like a leatherman, way less weight to carry when running for your life. ;)

jtobako (author)2009-05-26

Use a container you can carry without using your hands. Plastic bag-use as an emergency latex gloves, rain gear, body bag...

thepelton (author)jtobako2009-05-30

Do you mean a backpack for a container you can carry without using your hands?

jtobako (author)thepelton2009-05-30

Backpack is good for things that you use at the end of the day or when you have time to stop and unpack. I find an over the shoulder bag or pocket more useful for 'on the go' tools.

sageserver (author)2009-05-26

Money burns really well, just to tell you...

Oroka (author)sageserver2009-05-27

Well, that is Canadian paper money, which is actually cotton and plastic for durability, not sure how it burns, probably longer than straight paper.

TXTCLA55 (author)Oroka2009-05-28

Yep, canadian money does burn well! So I guess if you can't buy anything with could always burn it for warmth or as a fire starter!

sageserver (author)TXTCLA552009-05-30

i dont know 'bout canadian money but US money burns very good.

rockendrumer (author)2009-05-29

you could put some ammo for your hand gun or what ever gun you would take with you (you probably would bring a gun) so u can have ammo for when the clip runs out and if not that would be another subsitute for money during doomsday

vince 09 (author)2009-05-29

I would say add a knife or two of different sizes and a magnesium flint stick because that lighter will only last so long, and correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that the magnesium burns much hotter

Oroka (author)2009-05-26

I would throw in some candles, lint, steel wool, a small hammer, fishing line and a few hooks and bobbers. Also, your 'super glue' is just model glue, you should use crazy glue, the kind that will glue skin together. Also, a mirror. Make sure your container is metal, you can turn it into a small stove.

TXTCLA55 (author)Oroka2009-05-28

Yea... I only had model glue one me when I took the picture; But its the thought that counts.

5150tech (author)2009-05-27

Good show, I have one in each of my vehicles and one at home. I have to admit the T101 scenario seems pretty unlikely but a Zombie apocalypse now that's something to worry about. seriously, I tell everybody I can you need one of these.

Oroka (author)5150tech2009-05-27

I just read a story about how they modified a virus to fight cancer (ala I am Legend). So yeah, not so unreasonable.

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