Step 3: 3. Cutting and Painting

 Decide on the best order to apply the colors in. Here I went with the red first.

Using a hobby knife, carefully cut out the first color from the pattern, going through the paper and masking tape. Too much pressure and you can score or chip the glass. I’d suggest multiple light passes -- there’s a definite drop in “drag” after cutting through the tape, letting you know you’re on the glass. Keep the corners as crisp as possible. A straightedge really helps keep a straight line on multi-pixel stretches.

Peel the masking tape out of the area you just cut around. Rub down the edges of the cut in case any of the remaining masking tape lifted.

Now it’s time to apply paint! I used a small sponge brush and dabbed the paint on, making sure I got color into corners and along edges. Multiple light coats is the rule here. Let the paint dry. One color down, many more to go!
wow that is awesome, one of the most impressive things i have seen in a while my friend..........now if i can decide what game sprites i should use!
That's awesome! Definitely a great addition to any entertainment center. :D

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