Introduction: Door Handle/knob Stash

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Ever want to hide things in absolute plain sight? Need to hide your Christmas money from your little brother or sister? Or just want to stash some money for a rainy day. Most homes have interior doors with these style handles. The second picture is of a closet door handle that just has a spring latch. Both of these style handles have a small space behind them good for stashing small items such as money, keys, flash drives of anything you want.

Step 1: Tools

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All you should need for this stash is a Phillips screwdriver. Most of these handles have Phillips screws.

Optional is some scotch tape. Not necessary but helps keep things in place while you screw the handle back on, and keeps things from rattling around

Step 2: Removing Handle

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To remove the handle take the 2 screws that hold the handle on out. use steady pressure so you don't strip the screw heads. If its an interior door only the side that the screws are on will come off and there will be a hole behind the handle where the latch is inside of the door. Picture 1 shows the hole behind handle

If its a closet door with a spring catch when you remove the handle there will be no hole. Picture 2 is of the removed closet handle the back side of this is where the stash is on this handle

Step 3: Items to Hide

Picture of Items to Hide

Money, keys, flash drives, anything small that you want to stash.

Step 4: Stash Your Items

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Fold money to fit. Tape can be used to keep things in place during reinstall and also helps keep things from rattling and giving up your stash. Be sure there is no interference with latches or screws

Step 5: Reinstall the Handle

Picture of Reinstall the Handle

Put the handle back in place and reinstall the screws.

Step 6: Enjoy

Enjoy knowing that your stash is safe from your little brother or sister and also enjoy the fact that they probably touch this stash almost every day and do not know it.

This is not intended to hide anything from police. I am not responsible for any damages. Do this at your own risk


Purplemurple (author)2014-01-05

Absolutely brilliant! Great idea!

laughingjungle (author)2014-01-04

Dang. This is a great idea. I use a lot of combo locks for work. I could keep a master list in here & never worry hooligans could find it. Nice job. Heck, and even skeleton/bump keys too!

strangestuff93 (author)2014-01-02

the key is not for that door.... could be a key for anything, safe, lock box, padlock. just showing that it can be hidden there

Minecarft1guy (author)2014-01-02

Why did you put the key there

nerd7473 (author)2014-01-01

and what kiteman said

nerd7473 (author)2014-01-01


Kiteman (author)2013-12-31

That's a really clever idea, proper "Bourne" style, that you can do anywhere you are living, no matter how briefly.

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