Picture of Door Knob Bookshelf Legs
I love doing simple home decor projects.  I just bought a cheap bookshelf from a consignment store near my home.  I got the idea to prop the shelf up with door knobs when I was working on my transparent clutch - I saw all these beautiful door knobs at Anthropologie and decided to get some extras for bookshelf legs.

Adding door knobs as legs to my bookshelf was so simple. It took less than 10 minutes and looks super chic. 

An unexpected bonus to adding door knobs as legs was it stopped the bookshelf from wobbling!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Bookshelf  - make sure its not too heavy and the door knobs can support it.

Door Knobs - I bought 3 ceramic from Anthropologie for a corner bookshelf, if you are using a standard bookshelf use 4 door knobs.  Also, make sure the door knobs don't come to a point at the tip of the door knob because that will scuff your floor.

Hand Drill and drill bit - the drill bit should be the same size as the bolt on your door knobs
acuchetto1 year ago
The doorknobs seem wasted when used as feet because they are hardly visible. I would probably try to find some reclaimed or plain and inexpensive hardware if I try this at home. Thanks for the idea!
Would it make it easier to move, as in, do they work as glides? If so, I've got a cabinet to do this to.
Carleyy (author)  ArtsyFartsyGirl4 years ago
Yes! It was actually much easier to move after adding the legs. I guess it also depends on the size of your cabinet.
two-eight4 years ago
I like the idea..
foobear4 years ago
cute cute! good idea
aeray4 years ago
Yes, I'll definitely be using this idea. Excellent.
siamonsez4 years ago
Very pro video, felt like a mini episode of this old house or something.
Carleyy (author)  siamonsez4 years ago
octollama4 years ago
I LOVE anthro stuff :)
Carleyy (author)  octollama4 years ago
Me too! They have some beautiful hardware pieces.
demonfox4 years ago
This one of those "why didn't i think of that first" ideas.
Absolutely brilliant, have a cookie.
Carleyy (author)  demonfox4 years ago
Thanks! That makes me very happy to hear :)