Door Security Mechanical System ( Poor Jaa )




Introduction: Door Security Mechanical System ( Poor Jaa )

This is a simple way to modify a door.
The goal is to have a door with multiple anchors;) to I survived an attack with hydraulic jack !! more than I expected. I tried using different mechanisms, ralacion price - functionality, an bicycle cables made good passes desempeño.Aunque the tapes cable with steel wire inside turned out to be more economical and just as durable

Este es una forma sencilla de modificar una puerta.

El objetivo es tener una puerta con multiples anclajes ;) a sobrevivido a un ataque con gato hidraulico !! mas de lo que me esperaba.

Probé utilizando distintos mecanismos , ralacion precio - funcionalidad , los cables de bicicleta an logrado un buen desempeño.Aunque las las cintas pasa cable con un hilo de acero en su interior resultaron ser mas economicas e igual de duraderas

Step 1: So Simple System and Functional

You can improve the system, hopefully you serve as a starting point, is in running 1year ago, resisted the attempt to open with hydraulic jack



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