Picture of Door finger guard
The doors in our caravan close like a guillotine so in order to protect the fingers of our little girl I un-holstered my trusty roll of Duck tape and set to work.
A few minutes later and the door was protected (perhaps not aesthetic improved).
In the following steps I will show you how it was done.

A few things to note:
This guard when made correctly will only help to reduce the risk of fingers being trapped in a door IT WILL NOT ELIMINATE RISK! - parents still need to remain vigilant and ensure that their children understand the dangers of playing with doors.
Duck tape will wreck your paintwork and wallpaper - if you are concerned then you may need to work out a different method of fixing

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Step 1: You will need ...

Picture of You will need ...
The plastic sheet is the corrugated type of plastic you often find estate agents signs made out of.
If you don't have any (mine was some packaging from some signs I had ordered) then any other rigid but lightweight material will do.

Step 2: Measure your door

Picture of Measure your door
This is the critical step to ensuring the door guard actually works!
Open the door fully then measure across the width of the rebate (The pocket the door shuts into) in the door jamb and the door leaf on the hinge side.
You are measuring the longest distance that the guard will have to stretch to when the door is open.

If you are not sure how to measure then make a template by following the steps below:
1)  cut a strip of paper about 100mm wide and 200mm long
2) fold in half
3) stick the ends to the door and frame with sticky tape
4) Keep adjusting the length of the paper till it seems to fold smoothly with the door in a similar way to the video
5) Measure the paper and use these dimensions for the finished guard
ara4 years ago
Great ideea!