Picture of Door table
Upgrade a used hollow core interior door into a decent lightweight table, with the help of a couple of pieces of construction lumber. The 1 x 4's around the outside give it a finished look and stiffen the table considerably, and with the help of a couple of crosspieces, give the legs something to be attached to. Assuming you have a free door, the table will cost you less than $5, and will recycle something that is otherwise likely to be dumped.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
You'll need a used hollow core interior door - a smooth rather than an embossed one, of course!
One 10' length of 2 x 4 construction lumber, which you will rip into two 1 x 4's. Pick the straightest, cleanest piece you can find. If you don't have a bench saw, you'll need enough 1 x 4 to go around the table - approximately two 7' lengths and two 3' lengths (three 8' pieces is plenty).
One 8' length of 2 x 4 construction lumber, which you will rip into two 2 x 2's. Pick the straightest, cleanest piece you can find. If you don't have a bench saw, you'll need enough 2 x 2 to make the four legs and two crosspieces - approximately six 3' lengths (two 8' pieces is fine).
A bench (or table) saw is necessary to rip the 2 x 4's. A miter saw is handy to cut the wood to length. I used a brad nailer, wood glue, and a few deck screws to assemble the table. Wood filler, an orbital sander, and paint was used to finish the table, but all that is unnecessary if you're just going to use it as a utility table.
amuñoz211 year ago
I did my own dinner table that way, a large table is usually expensive;
Is perfect for big jigsaw puzzles :)
kpafford3 years ago
This is awesome because now I know how to make a cheap PING-PONG table!! Thanks for sharing this idea!!!
makendo (author)  kpafford3 years ago
You're welcome - but your new ping-pong table will be on the small side - aren't they more like 10x5 rather than 7x3?
jwystup3 years ago
Awesome! We just moved into a new house and it had 2 large closet doors behind that we wouldn't use on the closet it belongs to anyways. I intended to do something like this with one of them but instead (in my haste to get things ready for the housewarming party) I attached it to the wall of the garage with hinges that I found and propped it up with a piece of found wood. I have plans to make the "party table" better and will probably write an instructable for that one but maybe I'll use this for the other door and make myself a craft table...
makendo (author)  jwystup3 years ago
Thanks. I suspect a lot of people have an old door lying around, it's the kind of thing that is awkward to get rid of and it always looks like it might be useful for some sort of project. Sounds like you've already found good use for one of yours, and a craft table is pretty much what we're using this one for. Good luck with the build.
jmarusoi3 years ago
If the intended use for this is a computer table then the door handle hole doesn't need to be filled in, it is actually useful for running cables through it.
Also, saves some work.
makendo (author)  jmarusoi3 years ago
That's a really good tip, will add to Step4. Cheers!
Lorddrake3 years ago
bonus point for the Calvin & Hobbes reference

great reuse for a door. the closest I ever got to doing this was flopping an old door across 2 sawhorse to make a makeshift table .

(your looks much nicer)

maybe i can use this to convince my wife to let me get a nailgun hehehe
makendo (author)  Lorddrake3 years ago
Cheers; the kids are big fans of C&H, as if they needed any help getting into trouble...
I recommend the nailgun. If you don't need the compressor (though it's good for inflating and cleaning things, too), the electric ones work well too.
caarntedd3 years ago
Excellent, well presented instructable. I've built something similar to this as a portable workbench. Nowhere near as tidy as this though. Great work.
makendo (author)  caarntedd3 years ago
Thanks a lot - I was pleased with how the 1x4's tidied it up.
Eye Poker3 years ago
What is G.R.O.S.S. ?
makendo (author)  Eye Poker3 years ago
"Get Rid Of Slimy girlS"
They're charming boys, really... :)
Wi113 years ago
Wow, that looks great! You can't even tell it was a door. Very finished look. I'll have to try one, I have an old closet door lying around in my garage!
makendo (author)  Wi113 years ago
Thanks - yeah, it turned out really well and is pretty sturdy. Good luck with the build.