Door to Open Source Hardware (A Fingerprint Lock Solution)




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Introduction: Door to Open Source Hardware (A Fingerprint Lock Solution)

This is a door with fingerprint lock demo that found by acrylic, Seeeduino and some other electronic modules~

First, you should enroll your fingerprint. Long press the button, then it'll go into enroll mode. there will be some information print in the lcd, just follow it. 

Then it can work now. 

Put your finger on Grove - fingerprint sensor, if your finger have been authorized, Servo will turn a certain angle, then the door open. When the door was close, the Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor can detect it, then the servo will close the door.

About the code and acrylic file, I had sent to github, you can download here







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    Its an awesome project. sir please what if you want to use a hand shape scan?

    Does it has the capacity to accept more fingerprints?

    Do you have a list of modules used on this project?

    awsome but easy!!! I want to make one now...

    I wish I have a wife waiting for me to come home also.

    What a goooooooooooooooooood idea !!