Picture of Door wainscoting in pine wood
quintal parede 3.jpg
quintal parede 4.jpg
I needed to make a door to the garage. Then I remembered that I had wainscoting of pine wood and get to work. And I made a cheap door, clearly not strong, but it's a port ... lol
Inside was natural pine and outside used a waterproofing boundex

- 2 pack of 10 natural pine wood slats
- About 60 screws
- Wood glue
- Circular saw
- Jigsaw

Total cost: 28 € :)

Now I just need to finish garage .... ehehheh
fabrimago2 years ago
Hey looks good for replacing the door of my small barn in the garden.
Is there any more information on how to build it?
lrita (author)  fabrimago2 years ago
I have not. experienced and measured, so it was done. :)