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I needed to make a door to the garage. Then I remembered that I had wainscoting of pine wood and get to work. And I made a cheap door, clearly not strong, but it's a port ... lol
Inside was natural pine and outside used a waterproofing boundex

- 2 pack of 10 natural pine wood slats
- About 60 screws
- Wood glue
- Circular saw
- Jigsaw

Total cost: 28 € :)

Now I just need to finish garage .... ehehheh


fabrimago (author)2013-01-05

Hey looks good for replacing the door of my small barn in the garden.
Is there any more information on how to build it?

lrita (author)fabrimago2013-02-08

I have not. experienced and measured, so it was done. :)

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