First off, I work as a carpenter and are by no means a good programmer or coder. Nor am i good with circuits and electronics. So there may be better ways to achieve this and all inputs are welcome.

I wanted to make something simple to be able to see whos at my door on my moto360 smartwatch.

I'm very interested in arduino stuff and Tasker for android so i chose that as my tools.

This instructable will not cover setting up ip camera as there are so many.

My setup is a HIKvision and i use a dynDDNS service to update my public ip.


Hikvision Camera mounted with Entry Door

Android Phone

Motorola 360 Smart watch

Apps needed:

· Tinycam Pro (paid)

· Tasker (paid)·

Autoremote (paid or subscription (highly recomended))

If you use tasker i really recommend subscribing to autoapps as those are the best plugins and the developer is really active on google+ helping out.

Hardware used by me:

· NodeMCU

· 1 Capacitator

· 1 Rectifier

· 1 Stepdown module

· 1 reed switch

Breadboard, wires and momentary button for testing. (Optional)

Soldering Iron and Pcb copper board.

Step 1: Setting Up Autoremote

Open AutoRemote.You will see the shortadresse to your autoremote key.

Open that in a browser. You will then get http://autoremotejoaomgcd.appspot.com/?key=[this is where your key is gonna be]

Copy that key into the arduino code.

<p>Cool. I wish that I had one of these at my house.</p>
It's pretty easy to make if you have a camera and an android phone
What gen moto360 did you use/do you have?
First one
Awesome, thats good to know I dont need to upgrade

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