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Introduction: Dope Ass Beat Box

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Mr."T" says, "I Pity the fool that don't got a Dope Ass Beat Box!"

Step 1: Tha' Score

I scored a pair of 9volt computer spkrs from Goodwill($3.99).I found a suitable enclosure @ HomeDepot, a pvc "T"-5 inch. A couple of 4 inch, white, end caps(2x$1.79).Also bought a green screen/cover(returned this item/didn't use).
I took apart the comp. spkrs and removed the amp/controls and spkrs.I also took the power input and headphones input(intact--for ease of plug-n-go).

Step 2: Tha' Lay Out

All pulled out and all re-snug'd up. Ready to do some fit'n and cut'n(but no stuf'n!) May need some guidance(reference material) and tha' blue tape(just cuz').Nail Polish--(optional).

Step 3: Amp/control, Battery and Cig Converter Assembly

I had a 12volt -3 amp hour gell cell @ home and used it for my Beat Box. More amp hour=more tune time(loads more!!!) I also had a garage sale score(cig lighter "12volt" converter)($1.00). I opened up the cig recept. end and added a connecton(2 wires) to connect to the battery. The cig coverter kit came with removable tips(universal). It had the exact tip.Plugged it in and now I have a connection from the 12 volt battery and through the 12volt cig converter, to 9volt plug in(to amp). Battery weighs 3 lbs. Recharge forever(no memory)($25.00). I had a 12volt -800mA trickel charger as well. They cost, like $30.00.
I drilled holes for the controls and little red power light. Mounted the amp/control inside of the end cap. Its held in place with a small plastic shelf. I extended the spkr wire, as I will be pull'n off the spkr end cap for iPod storage(it fits nice and snug-no problem with it coming off). I also placed a little piece of foam in the bottom of the "T", where the battery will sit(direct center).

Step 4: End Cap Install

I placed the amp/controls inside the"T" and then fit the end cap on to the controls. A little here and a little there, got the two pieces together. The plastic shelf has a hole that matches up with a hole on the amp board. After getting the 2 pieces together, I dropped a tiny screw(came out of the spkrs) into the hole(with neddle nose help). No movement. Sweeeet!

Step 5: Put'n It All Inside.

I finished up the spkr end cap and have pushed it on. The amp/control is mounted inside of the other end cap and is held in place with 2 drywall screws. I have pushed the battery down inside of the center of the "T". I have connected the cig converter to the battery and plugged the other end into the amp(power input receptacle).I have also attached an extra lead from each battery terminal. This is for charge'n. I have added 2 charge'n posts to the outside of the "T". On the inside, I have attached a lead from each post . Just pop the top and pull out the spkr. Make the connection from extra battery connection to post connection inside.Simple and efficient.There is a headphone jack attached to the amp but I did not mount it to the "T". I had an old, round, spkr around that fit inside the center of the "T". Sweeet! I added a wire to the spkr for ease of removal. The spkr screen fit over the outside of the "T", exactly! Double sweeet!
The other comp spkr cord(still attached to the amp) was modified to attach to the center spkr. I extended this spkr wire as well.Cig converter fit well on top of battery. All wires fit inside with no effort. I tied a knot on the input wire so it would not be pull'n on he amp as you mess with the iPod. I also made a slot in the "T"(spkr end cap side) for the input wire to hand out. This allows the spkr to be on the "T" and the iPod to be outside and not pull against the amp. No slot needed in the end cap.

Step 6: Spkr in Place and NANO Velcro'd in Position

I have placed the center spkr inside of the "T" and am just about ready for a test run.

Step 7: Control Side View


Step 8: Spkr End Cap View

I added a 3/8 inch piece of pvc to the spkr end cap. Its kind of a port. Works well and really sounds great. This baby pumps up tha' volume and will bust Dope Ass tunes for days! It takes about an hour or so, to charge the battery. Attach the aligator clips from the charger to the charge'n posts. Done!!!
The Dope Ass Beat Box weigs in @ 8 lbs.--Not light but not too heavy. Its also pretty bomb proof. The finished product has a carry sling attached, via Red Stripe Beer caps(washers) and a couple of small bolts and nuts. Ya' mon'!



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    I, for one, am mourning the slow death of the English language.

    6 replies

    i'm just trying to figure out what the apostrophe in "tha'" is replacing.

    I, for one, am grieving for you. Its quite obvious your pocket protector has become far too unorganized and your seven, white t-shirts(no pocket), are in need of pressing. Mon!

    I think it's sweet that you took the time to not intentionally misspell your reply. See? It's not that hard! You sound much more respectable too. Keep up the good work, Mon.

    You are quite right. The incorporation of slang into the average American's vocabulary is appalling. There is no reason to save the half a microsecond involved in shortcutting your comments by not typing a 'g' or something similar. I feel particularly bad for those tinkerers, makers, and the like, that do not speak English as a first language. It is easy to get confused when reading someone's misspelled slang. It's no wonder people have to ask for clarification on a step ten times.

    However, I do like the idea. It is documented through photos nicely. Just... use spell check, that's all I ask. :}

    wat model name is that car speakerscoz it is nice


    Safe for the reply mate. What I meant was, Are the computer speakers that you used, do they need to be plugged in to the mains power, in UK ours is 240v, US is 140v (?) I think. Nice one

    2 replies

    US is 120/sometimes said as 110, 115, 0r 125...

    No. Send a pic when ya' have it built. Sweeeet!!!!!!! Mr. T , says," Don't do drugs! ."


    Wicked instructable mate! Could u tell me if the amp from the computer speakers is mains power supplied?

    3 replies

    would 530w PC speakers work?

    I am not sure what ,"mains power supplied", means. Sorry! I wanted a packable M3 player that would rock! I don't know anything about electronics. I just built it from, what i thought would work... and it does! It really blasts and lasts for a weeks worth of tunes on a single charge. I looked for computer speakers that were battery powered as well as normal home voltage(110)-in USA. This allowed me to plug my mini inverter into the speakers and out to the battery(9volt to 12 volt) very simple. You have to disconnect the inverter from the battery or it will slowly draw all the power out, otherwise everything is connected all the time. I didn't even have to rewire much of anything. I used ALL the inputs/oulets??? that were on the computer speakers. I just took the speakers apart and pulled ALL the little connections out. I hope this helps a little. Go check out a thrift store or Goodwill store. Cheap speakers to mess with. Very easy! Just bust em' open and explore. Sweeeet!!!!!!!!

    i did the same thing back in '98 but i used a mac ext.. floppy drive it was cool looking but i gave it to a buddy of mine that moved back NY. I'll have to look for the pics.

    i have that kind of amp

    i must say--- you sure make some pretty amazing stuff!

    1 reply

    Thank you. Hey, can you see your hands when your dreaming? Check it!

    looks awesome, i bet i could do this! ;-)