Picture of Dorito and Onion Pie
Boredom + Pastry = Wacky Piestuffs.

Step 1: Assemble your ingredients

Picture of Assemble your ingredients
I made this up entirely from scratch, so the measurements are not precise.

1 cup All Purpose Flour
1/3 CupcLard
1/2 tsp salt
5 tbsp ice water

2 large sweet onions
1 large green bell pepper
2 cups Cool Ranch Doritos
4 Eggs
2 cups sour cream
1/8 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
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LILLIAN-R3 years ago
WOW...I can tell by the ingredients that this is delicious! Not exactly diet food though! =)
Mekasia4 years ago
Excellent! Made this a couple of nights ago, but added some homemade roasted pepper salsa and some diced grilled chicken. Hubby and I both LOVED it!
booker2075 years ago
It was delicious!

Thank you.

~Matt Booker
Flumpkins7 years ago
Actually sounds FANTASTIC!!! But thats me, I mean I put hot sauce on my Mac n' cheese
I do that too!
Whats awesome is to mix in a little salsa into it, and throw it under a broiler for a little bit. Makes an awesome crust-stuff on top
I love tobasco sauce haha.
Psychopump8 years ago
OMG - when I read the title, somehow I made 'Oreo and onion pie' out of it! Eewwwww...boy am I glad it's really Doritos - lol!
Ok, Im going to have to try that, sounds awesome
yes, i AM crazy, thank you
nunodeath938 years ago
Amazing, ur my hero man U ever made a meat smoothy? 1 cup orange juice 2 slices salami 1 piece pepperoni 1 piece american cheese 1.5 cups sprite 1 saltine 3 drops prune juice
Sounds awesome, Ill have to try that :D
Is that even edible?
Pentacle5 years ago
Very cool. I love quiche stuff.
Gakki7 years ago
Though it is essentially a Quiche, it is none the less good, and quite creative sir.
itsaidhi Gakki6 years ago
you know i was just about to comment that. This is a Quiche.
fwjs286 years ago
At first i though eeeewieee!then i made it out of curoiusity and its pretty good
Danny B6 years ago
Quiche D'orito et Oignon!
arhodes187 years ago
Holy crap!! This sounds soooo good!!!! Its making my mouth water!! I want to try this so bad!
static8 years ago
Interesting cooking experiment. Anything used with with onions and peppers with the ratio you used can only add only a subtle flavor to the whole. Does that hairy hand reveal not only do real men eat quiche, they make it as well? :)
Tycho7 static7 years ago
I think he called it pie for a reason...
hmm,reminds me of keesh(i know thats not spelled right)
Bless you!
!whattt??:-X eww
mcscott8 years ago
We tried it too, came out delicious!
When I first saw the tital, I thought eeewwwwwww nasty! now its Mmmmmmmm... tasty.
TheLobb8 years ago
i need to eat that pie. it looks so good
the_flame8 years ago
In Germany we have this without Doritos! But we drink new Wine (non alcoholic) with this.
mje8 years ago
You know, if you used gruyere instead cheddar, and flour instead of doritos, you'd have something very much like a traditional Alsatian onion tart.
Punkguyta8 years ago
I'm still waiting to get into town (road has been closed for a unhealthy amount of time..damn winter) to get some ingredients to try this. I showed my mother and she thought it looked "damn good". I can't wait to try it cricket
Also too, what about using dorrito brand cool ranch? I think we have those no name ones around here, I remember eating them once, but in case I can't find that brand?
Robotrix8 years ago
I can't believe you actually made something called dorito and onion pie sound appealing. I can't! But i think i need some!
damn straight, I'm making some of this bad boy up today and I'll take pictures to show you guys how it turned out.
You sir, are a tribute to Americans everywhere. Hail the glorious processed food revolution! Kraft Handyslice for life!
jongscx8 years ago
Yeah, i ixnayed the home-made dough and substituted a 2-pack of prepackaged stuff... pretty decent so far. I also didn't have any pepper, ran out of eggs(grand total of 5 for two pies), and only had a cup of sour cream left (substituted some softened cream cheese). Yeah, i stuck with cooler ranch, but did a 60-40 with the blended-hand crushed. I hope it'll make for bite-y pieces... or it'll just cut the roof of my mouth. Oh, also, after about 35 minutes, it seems to be done, and i thought 50 minutes for a quiche sounded long too... We'll see i guess... Report back when things cool down (i just now cooked it and will take it out of the over in a few)
westfw8 years ago
Oh! It's a quiche! Realizing that, it sounds a lot better...
Thats exactly what I thought as I read step 12... I guess I know cooking! Yay me! :-P
Bad Donut8 years ago
Wow. Thats one wierd pie.
mtbube8 years ago
This sounds terrific. It also has the look of a winner in the Pillsbury Cook-Off where the top prize is a million. All you have to do is to use some Pillsbury dough for the crust or one of their other products. They love it when you use their products and don't forget that their products could be anything that any of their companies make. Good luck.
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