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In this commercial era, what says Superbowl more than Doritos??

You can have this crunchy cheesy recipe done in 30 min! Move over Rachel Ray! haha

For this recipe, I have taken the simple idea of your everyday homemade cheese sticks and taken it to another level. Instead of traditional mozzarella cheese inside, I have replaced it with Pepper-jack cheese for the same creaminess with a slight kick. And the real twist? I have taken out bread crumbs and used Doritos crumbs instead!

When combined together in your mouth, you basically get the sensation of crispy Doritos and creamy cheese with a kick. I guarantee it will be the first item grabbed at your Superbowl party, and will be gone in 10 min or less depending on how many hungry fans are there. ;)

Pair the Doritostix with your favorite salsa. I found it to combine with the flavors incredibly. I chose Tostino's Mild Salsa.

 ALSO NOTE: This is also a good way to use the left over crumbs in the Doritos bag nobody eats!!! 

Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
OK football fans, you'll need.....

 ● 1/2 Doritos bag. OR your left over Doritos bag packed in the back of your pantry. You will need a little over a cup.

●  1 pack of peperjack cheese sticks12oz

● 2/3 cup of All Purpose Flour

● 1/3 cup of Cornstarch

●1/4 cup of water

● 1 Quart of Frying Oil

● 2 eggs (beaten) You naughty eggs!

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IamGutter1 year ago

Great idea, I will definitely be trying them. When you say to cut them in half, do you mean lengthwise? The picture showing the cheese being dredged in the flour looks long and skinny but the finished product looks short and fat! Thanks!!

patsheldon (author)  IamGutter1 year ago

Good question. Cut them in half vertically. Aka in two halves. The first pictures taken were actually taken before we cut them and discovered the need to cut them in half. Honestly, you probably could get away with not cutting them in half, but it has 2 benefits. 1) holds the crumbs better, and 2) MORE FOOD for everyone ;3

You are a god. Thankkkkk youuuu !
patsheldon (author)  PossibleFire1 year ago

haha much thanks for YOUR compliment! ;)

paybackiv1 year ago
Cheddar jack with 4 words: Cool Ranch. Yum yum!
patsheldon (author)  paybackiv1 year ago

That sounds delicious! Way to use Cool Ranch to its potential :)

Yummy.I m loving it

galiliosharma6 months ago

Toooooo Good

Deepakjuneja7 months ago

great idea

Deepakjuneja7 months ago

great idea

i had so much you the best teacher

olivia117 months ago

So Delicious


BrianDean8 months ago

great idea

davis318 months ago

great idea

rose1249 months ago


I'm literally drooling

You Know... I am Not So Foody Person... But This Looks So Delicious

patsheldon (author)  BARNABASSABA1 year ago

Yeah they are very yummy!!

jgensmer1 year ago
I made these and my fam LOVED them. Thank you thank you thank you for the idea that my family will be enjoying for years to come!
dummy19771 year ago

Oh man...I'm saving this for a rainy night. Great idea : )~

I'm going to try dorito crumbs instead of bread crumbs on other things. I'll let you know what worked best.

patsheldon (author)  Broker Reviews1 year ago

Sounds good Broker, please let me know! =)


dunning1171 year ago
Best idea ever. Couldn't stop making and eating these at the Super Bowl party tonight. Everyone loved them. They made my night after the Broncos ruined it.
patsheldon (author)  dunning1171 year ago

Aww! Thank you so much, I'm glad they made your night! But i'm pretty sure they wouldn't help Peyton's night! >o< lol

lojynx1 year ago
did these on a whim... used the spicey nacho doritos... Bomb! one down side there so god there weren't any leftovers
patsheldon (author)  lojynx1 year ago

haha yeah, they were good, and gone in a few precious minutes for us too!

I NEED to make this..
they look so good, and so bad at the same time, I will have to try this for sure lol
patsheldon (author)  AmandaFayefx1 year ago

well I used lower fat pepper-jack cheese, and then use canola oil. I mean it's bad, but the better side of bad. ;) and it was delicous!

GCLumpkin1 year ago
patsheldon (author)  GCLumpkin1 year ago

Thank you for the nice compliment :)

sheripres1 year ago

What a great Idea! I will definitely be making these! Thanks for sharing! :)

patsheldon (author)  sheripres1 year ago

thanks for trying them out! =)

Wheatridge1 year ago

Absolutely a fabulous idea. I will let you know next Sunday how they are appreciated.

patsheldon (author)  Wheatridge1 year ago

Thank you! I hope they turn out fantastic for you!

jhartbev1 year ago
honestly, I just put them through the food processor once and left it at that.call me lazy I dont care lol I paired it with salsa as suggested(great call) and some ranch. I was thinking maybe id like to try this recipe with jalapeño chips. yum!
patsheldon (author)  jhartbev1 year ago

I think jalapeño chips would be a very good call! It's obvious I love spicy food! :) Let me know how it turns out if you do!

This looks so yummy, only after I found out Doritos had Romano cheese and blue cheese in it, I got grossed out. I hate blue cheese! :)
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