Dorm Noodle Crust Pizza (Iron Box Hack)

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Dorm students! Here is a big treat for you. Tiered of the same Ramen noodles? Want some Pizza for the dinner? Why order when can make some in your dorm. Be little crazy with the few equipment you have and allowed to use in your room. Create a delicious Pizza.

A part of the making is inspired from the recipe Ramen burger. This recipe was posted by the author mikeasaurus.

I thank him for the inspiration of giving a twist to the Ramen noodles. I have taken the technique of stacking heavy things on the cooked noodles to get the buns. I have created a dorm twist to his wonderful instructable.

In short I can call this instructable as "Iron Box and Kettle Hack". He had prepared the buns for the burger in a pan. I have used an aluminium foil and Iron box to get a crisp Pizza Base and for the finishing stages of the making. I have used the kettle to boil the water I need. I have not used the noodle seasoning since we get bored of it after sometime when you are in a dorm.

So come along to see how to make delicious and inexpensive Pizza in your dorm with just an Iron Box and kettle. This is real fun and crazy way to have a Pizza and stun your room mates.

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sobeeya9 months ago
wohoo u made it actually wid iron widout oven superb idea. must be yummy. how I can vote for u
Passion Make (author)  sobeeya9 months ago
Thank you so much... The contest closed.. Missed your valuable vote :)
billbillt11 months ago

This is great!!.... Very inventive!!.... Got my votes!!....

Passion Make (author)  billbillt11 months ago

Thank you so much for the encouraging comment and the vote :)

mile stone1 year ago

Great Idea :) Will be true fun in the dorm trying this out.

Passion Make (author)  mile stone1 year ago
Thank you :)
Rogermana1 year ago

I am going to try this with my kids, or something like it. We don't have an iron (iron box), but a fry pan should be better.

Summary is , haha very funny idea. Sad you have no cooking facilities in the dorm. Roger

Passion Make (author)  Rogermana1 year ago

Thank you so much :D Do try it out.

This is great ! I'm trying this in my hostel tonight ! Voted !

Thank you so much :)

melliott111 year ago

I love the noodle crust idea. I like the iron and tin foil in a pinch but I think that one of those small electric sandwich griddle presses would be so useful and they are so inexpensive, I would suggest you consider one of the generic ones. I know the day after Thanksgiving you can pick one up for 5 or 10 dollars..

Passion Make (author)  melliott111 year ago
Thank you :)
gzank61 year ago

forget dorm rooms, i wanna try this at work and home. nice one

Passion Make (author)  gzank61 year ago
Thank you :D Have fun with the Iron Hack.
Marsh1 year ago

I love bachelor chow!

Passion Make (author)  Marsh1 year ago
Thank you :) Glad you like it.
Oh, the days of university residence. Never shall I speak of the things I ate there! Great ible!
Passion Make (author)  oliviastewart1 year ago

Thank you so much :) University residence will always be the craziest part of our life :D

mnmama1 year ago

Kudos for creativity. It's certainly more involved than the typical Iron-Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Passion Make (author)  mnmama1 year ago

Thank you so much :)

Noodles and pizza, together at last!

Passion Make (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago

Thank you for the inspiration of Ramen Burger :)

seamster1 year ago


Passion Make (author)  seamster1 year ago

Thank you :)