Picture of Dorm Room Stadium Seating
photo (11).JPG
This is an attempt to stadium seat couches cheaply and effectively. I have seen it done before by basically building another table that the couch sits on but instead I decided to opt for only building structures right under the legs of the couch and got pretty good results. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- 2x4's
- Plywood
- 90 degree braces
- wood screws
- measuring tape
- couches

- Drill
- Saw (this isn't actually necessary because most hardware stores will cut the wood for you if you have the measurements in advance)

*The rectangle in the top right of the picture is how I got the plywood cut

Step 2: Building

Picture of Building
The build is actually pretty simple.Basically the 2x4's were drilled together to make 4 hallow boxes for each of the couch legs. Then the couch was placed in these extended legs and drilled into the stach of three boards of plywood at the bottom. The braces were used to connect the extended legs to the plywood base. Then two cross beams were added to each side so that the structure was pretty sturdy. 
elewis032 years ago
Haha, this is great! Love the no stadium seating with college furniture sign.