I moved into a triple dorm for college at university of the pacific about a month ago, and in that time convinced both my roommates to also get skateboards for transportation around campus. Pacific is great for skateboards because its pretty small, perfectly flat, and has nice curvy sidewalks. The only problem was that in a small dorm three skateboards can take up a lot of space, but youre not allowed drill or permanently attach anything to the walls. My solution was to use the limited materials I had on hand, I had 100' of paracord and a couple coat hangers.

Step 1: Materials

Pretty simple, you just need
- one or more boards
- exposed electric conduit or water pipe
- 4ish feet of paracord per hanger
- about 8" of wire for each hanger
- pliers or multitool
- knife or multitool

Great idea and I am gonna make that right this second :)
Ingenious but your room could use a nifty idea to keep it in order!

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