This instructable is based on the Dot It l.e.d thingies that you can stick on almost anywhere where you need light. I'm going to show you how to make them into L.E.D Speaker Light:D

(This is an update to the previous versions of L.E.D projects. The first project was the L.E.D Throwies. That can be found here on Instructables. The second one is the mini speaker L.E.D speaker lights which can be found on Youtube. I'm not sure if the l.e.d throwies was the first project but thats the first project i have seen...)

You can use either the DOT It Genuine L.E.D Lights for $10 or those sylvania dollar store ones. ($1.13)
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NobleKnight2 years ago
you see speaker mod I see arc reactor :)
Blak Wolf3 years ago
I've tried something similar to this, but I keep blowing the LEDs. Could you suggest something for me to do that will prevent this? Maybe a resistor? I don't know what strength to use if a resistor.
flexy20115 years ago
am I suppose to put the battery back in
alleyezonme (author)  flexy20114 years ago
lol no the speakers energy is supposed to be the power source for the Leds.