Picture of Dotted Tissue Paper Lantern
Looking for a fun way to jazz up regular paper lanterns? Break out the Collage Pauge™ and some tissue paper and you have a totally new, fresh look for your room!

Here's how you do it. It's soooo easy!

Dotted Tissue Paper Lanterns

– White paper lantern
– Collage Pauge™ Instant Decopauge (Matte Finish)
– foam brush
– scissors
– several sheets of tissue paper in colors of your choice.

Step 1: Fold tissue paper

Picture of Fold tissue paper
1. Fold tissue paper into several layers as shown.
emababy4 years ago
Thank you for this. I just hung up a new paper lantern but it looked boring. Now I'll go and make it pretty.
swelldesigner (author) 4 years ago
It doesn't. It really does look great!!
westfw4 years ago
That's neat. I imagine decorating the top half of the sphere doesn't even interfere much with the amount of light produced...