Double Barrel Machine Gun





Introduction: Double Barrel Machine Gun

This is a BB machine gun I made. It has two seperate inline vortex blocks inside and fires 6MM airsoft bbs. The gun and tripod are made completely of PVC pipe or sheet and hot glue with the actual innards made from wood and metal. The body is 4" PVC and the barrel shrouds are 3/4". The tripod is also 3/4" PVC pipe. I ran out of spray paint so I can't paint all of it right now. I am also planning to build a .177 cal minigun in the near future. 



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    Don't paint all of it it looks great like that :)

    It functions just like a simple vortex block machine gun, but everything is doubled up. So it is really just two guns put into one case.

    hey do you think u could post an ible id love to make this?

    Sorry, but since I posted this, I've dismantled this to use the parts in other projects. It shouldn't be to hard to build anyway. All it really is is two normal vortex block machine guns put together.

    One more question, what kind of fps does it get at what pressures, I am on the fence between making a single or double and I wanted the double due to the high rof and the single due to the higher fps, but if they are similar fps then I will go double. Thanks!

    Sorry, but I can't tell you that. I don't have a chronograph so I have no real way of knowing.

    i came up with a similar idea last night and i was searching in google for similar things and i found this, nice job! just one question could you take a picture or explain to me where the bbs go, the one that i was thinking of was fed by a large weak spring so if you could explain that it would be great. nice job!

    The space you see behind the vortex blocks is filled with bbs. A large weak spring with a block of wood keeps them pressed towards the vortex blocks.

    Also, thank you!