It was just a spelling mistake in a humorous sub-thread, but it eventually became...

The Double-Barrel Shotfun - dealing out enjoyment at the pull of a trigger!

It's just what you needed - an overly-complex method of firing off two party-poppers at once.

(You can now accessorise your Shotfun with a dedicated bandolier!)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You can modify this project to your needs, but this is what I used:
  • 4mm plywood sheet
  • Offcut of 6mm plywood
  • 32mm waste pipe
  • Industrial adhesive
  • Masking tape
  • 6mm dowel
  • Scrap corrugated card
The tool list is flexible - I used a laser cutter, but only because I could.  Similar results could be achieved with skilled use of traditional power and hand tools.
  • Lasercutter
  • Scrollsaw
  • Teaspoon
  • Files
  • Sander
  • Rubber mallet
<p>I used your idea as a base, cut out the shapes from plywood using a jigsaw and it works. I can report though that knotting the string together and looping them over the trigger only fires one shot, the second one does nothing once the string's out. Works for firing the poppers and actually aims the streamers. :)</p>
<p>Maybe, if you knot closer to the popper?</p><p>It would be cool if you could post a photo of your version, or even a video?</p>
<p>Can't get the knot any closer, so cut a slot in the top of the trigger as with your design, works fine. I'm tempted to cut an actual trigger design into it, just for the look of it. :)</p><p>The angle's a bit odd on the photos as I had to fit it all in frame at arms length. </p>
What do they use for a charge?
The party poppers? It's a small cylinder on the end of the string - when you pull the string out, friction between what's on the string and the lining of the cylinder trigger the explosion. It's very like a match, but faster.
so is it a form of gun powder?? Hm,mmmm how could ya get a bigger bang out of it ?? Ya got me thinking kiteman lol
Packing the stem with gunpowder, instead of flower? <br> <br>Be careful of the back-blast.
even a small quantity results in total disintegration. was very glad I'd extended the pull stringt and was 20m away
<p>Gosh - do you have images of the result?</p>
<p>was many years ago before digital cameras were so wide spread so I'm afraid not</p>
Hmmm. How about a. Shotgun primer or a rifle shell primer?
They're your fingers...
or eyes.....
having experimented with alternative loads for party poppers don't use blow pipe snaps they go off inside the party popper
<p>That might make a good bang inside the barrels, though...</p>
I live your adhesive!! Sticks like sh*t!! Lol
It does exactly what it says on the tin.
Very cool, I like it!
Congrats with a very honorable Epilog Prize :-)
Thank you!
This is cool
Now this is what i'm talkin about!!!
Thank you, I think.
I have to make this for my boys!
Cool - post pictures when you do.
Thank you!
I love this build. I was thinking if you tied the strings of two poppers together you could just load, put the loop over the hammer, and be able to quickly fire and reload. <br> <br>Great job, may have to make one myself!
Awesome project, Kiteman!!! :-)
Thank you!
You're welcome!
Lol, my cousin and I bought a ton of these one time with the intent to turn them all into trip-wire traps that would blow flour or powdered sugar at the person who tripped it. We couldn't devise a way that gave us a repeated success, so we ended up storing them until we could revise our plan. Then we forgot about them. I had a few in my car and a friend asked if she could fire one off when my cousin got back into the front seat, so I said sure. I'm still finding powdered sugar in my car.
Yes i finally finished college and finally have a bunch of free time to put on this website. <br/><br/>Can't wait to start
You finished college?? <br> <br><sub>I feel old...</sub>
This must of been great fun to make and use. :)
Hey, SG! Long time, no type! <br> <br>Yes, it was!
This is great! I love the idea!
Thank you!
This Double barrel is a great idea i will use it for my Next Nurf shotfun :-)
Cool - post a picture when you do.
Another thought on ammo mod, try using colored glitter instead of flour for a more festive popper.
Oh, cool!
If I get some pvc pipe I know what I'm doing! A vote heading your way for now..
Caption for picture below: Shhh be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits.
I'm hunting ponies. Instructables will soon be safe!

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