Knex Double Barrel Shotgun "Sidearm"




Introduction: Knex Double Barrel Shotgun "Sidearm"

This is a double barreled shotgun side arm.  Takes 1 minute to make.  This is used for close quarter combat and can be concealed if needed on the body as an assassination weapon.  The rubberband bullet is highly inacurate but the white rod shot will hit exactly where you point it.
Not much of anything but this is supposed to be an idea gun for modding purposes.  So feel free to use this in any gun you make just give credit to me.
Please comment and rate.

Step 1: The Pieces

Not alot only 16
-2 strong small rubber bands
-2 snowflake connectors
-4 orange connectors
-2 yellow
-2 blue
-2 orange
-2 white rods

Step 2: Base and Handel

Step 3: The Barrel and Supports

Just the barrel.

Step 4: Connecting

Take the two parts and connect

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Push out the white rod in hole from the inside untill it locks in place.  To shoot, push rod out completly.
You can also attach this to the under-side of a gun.



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    thats what she said

    not very accurate but quick and easy to make.

    there are no yellow connectors

    i show where t put the yellows in step 2

    very innacurate
    not a shotgun, shotgun shoot bursts.
    no handle
    no trigger

    delete this ible and improve your gun until it matches the quality of the most other knex guns.

    just my advice, i'm not trying to be rude ok, I hope you can understand

    5 replies

    don't do something like this!!

    this is only a prototype and a new innovated mech!
    if you want a handle and trigger make it your self!

    your lazy!!


    read my entire comment, it's just advice

    yee i know
    but you said   "delete this ible and improve your gun until it matches the quality of the most other knex guns"  
    so you want to say that this ible is bad
    but it's not, it's only a prototype so this mech is not fully modded, maby in the future someone will improve is this with bv: a trigger and handle

    Yeah thats ok i am already trying to improve off of it

    ok, thank you for not going mad at me, I'm glad you understand I'm not trying to be mean, keep it up!