This gun i made originally had one barrel , but , well... lets just say the more the marrier, because having to fire and then reload sucks... why not reload and have two shots???whatever..
great range
double barreled
seperate triggers
true triggers
accurate(up to a certain point)
ammo can be fired simuoltaneously or seperately

(sigh) cons...
takes about 6 seconds to reload
not the best gun for sniping in a war

Step 1: Piece List

38 blue rods
112 green rods
48 white rods

3 blue 3-D
11 light greys
67 yellow
2 white
2 red
4 dark grey

8 small black wheels
Piece list courtesy of knexjay

Step 2: Barrel

1.make three 2.make two 3.-6.add together 7.add these

Step 3: Trigger Mechanism

1. add a blue rod 2.get these pieces 3.-4.how to attach 5.get these pieces 6.add the pieces 7. get these things 8. place them like so 9. attach to triggers

Step 4: Handle

1.get these pieces 2. add here 3.-4.build this 5. how to attach 6.get another one of these 7.attach here and add blue rod 8.get these pieces 9.-10.add the pieces 11.get these 12. final result

Step 5: Loading and Firing

1.-2. put on rubber bands 3.-4.cock left side 5.-6.cock right side 7. ammo 8. ready to fire!!!
poor dog :(
PIECES&nbsp;LIST<br /> RODS:<br /> 38 blue rods<br /> 112 green rods<br /> 48 white rods<br /> <br /> CONNECTORS:<br /> 3 blue 3-D <br /> 11 light greys <br /> 67 yellow<br /> 2 white<br /> 2 red<br /> 4 dark grey<br /> <br /> MISC.<br /> 8 small&nbsp;black wheels maybe six (check&nbsp; pics on handle step)<br /> &nbsp;<br />
its good but like every body says its not new.i made one that is a ten barrel<br /> <br />
My friend, Anime_Boy15, made a four-barreled one. It was awesome.<br />
yeah, this was more of just an idea that i wanted to build,to get used to building knex guns with ratchet systems,iv made alot better, and so has everyone else
I&nbsp;guess its Ok, though there have been triple barreled shotguns that use the same mech.&nbsp; 3.5*<br />
&nbsp;haha my triple barrel???? :)
Yeah that, and something (I&nbsp;think it was&nbsp;Barrax) else's gun.<br />
&nbsp;nice gun. its sweet, but as everyone says, its not too new.
Kinda like my KTP<br />
It's good, but nothing new. 3.5 stars.
nice! post?

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