Step 2: Paracord Lengths

Picture of Paracord Lengths
Any formula for figuring out how much paracord you need will be slightly wrong for some people. How tight you make the knots will affect the length. Working from trial and error, I have come up with a formula that works for me, but if your tension is different from mine, you may need more or less cord. The difference should be small, so you shouldn't need a lot more than an extra foot or two per piece, but you may want to experiment a bit on a small scale to figure out it if works for you.

The belt consists of five strands of paracord. There are two core strands, two working strands, and an extra strand for the loop the goes next to the buckle.

For the two core strands, you need to measure your waist, double the number, then add twenty-four inches. You need to cut two of these.
waist *2 + 24 = length of core strand

For the working strands, you need one foot of cord for every inch of your desired length of belt, plus an extra twenty-four inches. You will need two of these.
length of belt *12 +24 = length of working strand

The last piece should just be thirty-six inches long. I suggest taking the white strings out of the cord before sealing the ends on this one.

You have a 38 inch waist, and want a 43 inch belt.

38 *2 +24 = 100
You need two 100 inch (8 foot, 4 inch) pieces for the core strands.

43 *12 +24 = 540
You need two 540 inch (45 foot) pieces for the working strands.

You need one 36 inch (3 foot) piece with the white strings taken out for the catch loop.