Picture of Double Cobra Stitch Paracord Belt
This project can be a bit monotonous but well worth it. Monotonous only because once you get started you are repeating the same knot over and over and over again until you get to the end.
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Step 1: Gather and Prep your Materials

Picture of Gather and Prep your Materials
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First things first. Get your materials. I ordered a plain brushed steel buckle from eBay for about $2. The lighter and scissors you probaly have around the house. I always keep a spool of paracord at the house but for this belt you are gonna need about 120 feet of cord for a belt for someone with a 32-34 inch waist.

You have to cut 5 lengths of cord. Double the measurement of your waist and add 24". (34" + 34" + 24" = 92")
Cut 2 lengths this long. These will be your "core" threads which run down the middle of your braids.
Your braiding threads need to be 12" long for each inch of waistline. Then add about 6 feet. (34"x12= 34 feet + 6 = 40 feet). You need 2 cords this length.

Your final cord is 3 feet long. This is used to make the loop you tuck the end of the belt into after it's buckled.

So, 2 at 92", 2 at 40 feet and 1 at 3 feet.

Use a lighter to melt the tips of the cord to prevent them from fraying during the braiding process. Exclude the 3' cord from this step. You have to remove the inner white strings later.

Step 2: Attach your cords to the buckle

Picture of Attach your cords to the buckle
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Once your cords are cut to length, you have to attach the 2 core lines to the buckle. The knot is called a Lark's head.

Once the core lines are attached, the braid lines are attached over the core line knots also using Lark's head knots.

Note in the pictures the directions of the knots. The knots on the braid lines are in the opposite direction of the core lines.
TeeDum (author) 1 year ago

The first one I made took me about 2 weeks, but I was only working on it 20-30 minutes a day in the evening.

This one took about three days. A couple hours a day. It goes slow at first because moving the bundled cord through the knot loops is a bit of a hassle. But when the cords get short, you really start flying through it.

Your fingers get a bit sore at first, just take breaks. And make sure to keep everything tight and straight. Loose, floppy knots will make a saggy and crooked belt.

rwö made it!25 days ago
Hat eine ganze Weile gedauert bis ich meinen Gürtel fertig hatte aber bin höchst zufrieden ???
Lilworm337 made it!1 month ago

I have MASTERED this belt making tutorial. I have made over 15 belts. Thans for the tutorial.

SparkySolar3 months ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


MichaelW8 made it!3 months ago

Well, not particularly skilled at soft crafting. I started this project to keep my mind calm from recovering from surgery. I found it difficult initially to understand in pictures what was needing to be done. However I feel that was mainly my inexperience being new to working paracord- a complex first project some might say, so I had it coming. After 2 inches I began to better understand what was going on so it go a lot better and took me 3 days to complete, with little 10 minute bursts throughout the day. Despite taking 3 hours to even get a beginning I was happy with this project did not take as long as I was expecting. the next one, naturally, will be much better. :)

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Geek4Life5 months ago

Where's the best place to get the buckles?

TeeDum (author)  Geek4Life5 months ago
EBay. There's a huge selection and there are plenty of inexpensive choices
fines676 months ago
I used myn as a gun belt.
b_adam926 months ago
Definitely going to make this one
KidAnalog7 months ago
Good stuff. I made my first one for a uniform field belt, so I don't care about any little flubs. The more I make, the better they'll be.
mobiansstech8 months ago

Brilliant... gonna try for sure... ;)

worldlrnr10 months ago
This is really great and I am putting it on my craft room board on Pinterest
AuralVirus1 year ago

i'd buy 1 :) but seriously how many total hours to make the belt (well tie the chord)?

wasyles AuralVirus11 months ago

took me about 5 hours but I do a lot of paracord stuff

TeeDum (author)  AuralVirus1 year ago

see my featured comment

I must admit I was expecting you to say 8 hours or something crazy - so yep that's not "too" bad, a few sore fingers etc to get an extremely useful survival item with "free belt" ;D

Thanks very much - I'm off to order some para cord from amazon or where ever I can get it cheap in the uk.

K had a price check and a few shocks on the way.
You guys seem to be paying (?) about $12.90 for a 100feet (equates to = £7.78 over here in the UK) and I can find it for £7.50 which is great, and surprisingly a few pence cheaper but obviously I'd need either 2 x 100feet or better would be to get a 1000foot spool and make some for friends & family etc but this is where things go silly.
You guys are paying (quick ebay search so prices proly vary no doubt) $59.99 which would equal = £36.18 here in the UK for 1000feet. Sounds great except actual prices are averaging £91.00 !!! (for OSS's type III) - 3 times your retail!.
I have found Yougle type III for £49.99 via UPS so it's possible to get it cheaper but still £10 ($16.55) more than retail.
Normally you'd expect bulk to be cheaper not dearer especially when 100foot is comparable to U.S prices. Ah well £50 for 5 or so belts and a few bracelets isn't "too" bad as a cheapo belt would set me back at least £10 let alone 1 made of para cord.

k time to flex the fingers.

wasyles11 months ago

awesome instructions made a belt for me showed my he wants one

pgarrity11 months ago
Anyone have any feedback on using this for an EDC belt? Thank you in advance.
Hogslyr11 months ago
I'm about 2-2.5 hours in and at 22in working a green and black belt. cant figure out how to post a pic from my mobile
nhaigler11 months ago
Awesome idea! Just finished making one using a belt buckle I got from my brother during his deployment. Looks fantastic with paracord. Thanks for the instructions!
laguera11 months ago


JohanStofberg11 months ago
Sorry flagged by error
f5mando12 months ago

Looks great! Thanks for this (vegan) belt instructable!

LobosSolos1 year ago

Also, a note to anyone doing this. When doing the measurements, your waist size is not what it says on your pants. I don't know how/why but your waist size in pants and the actual inches are two different things.

lolson11 year ago

Wow, shades of my youth with macramé!! Great idble, and yes while the paracord is expensive here and the UK, jute, rawhide and silk lengths all work. Don't go big-time expense until you know you or recipient will wear it. Good luck and I must say that if you are wearing this when a catastrophe may be one step ahead of the next guy. =)

chabias1 year ago

Now that's a nice looking paracord belt! Nice job.

Great looking belt. I'm definitely going to give it a go. How long did it take you to make? And how long do you think it would take a first timer?

TeeDum (author)  jjohnson1251 year ago

see my featured comment

This is awesome! Thank you!

Nice looking belt, I made a slatt's rescue belt for my EDC belt, but I look to make one of these for my 3yr old son as he loves paracord.

Very nice!

jdamian21 year ago
Nice job now I have a idea on doing my belt thx man

Nice work, I especially liked the way you introduced the belt keeper. Thank you for sharing :]

I have made several of these with a little bit different way of ending the belt. I believe my next belt will be like this one. I can also comment on the weight of this belt. I wear a 48" belt and have not noticed any major weight issues. It is lighter than the Leatherman that I wear on it every day.
While it does look awesome, doesn't it get heavy?
TeeDum (author)  trans4mation1 year ago

I don't think so. Like I said, I've worn one everyday for a year. I keep my leatherman on one side and my cell on the other.

I can imagine this belt looks especially slick with a leatherman attached. I bet your dad will love it! Nice job.