Step 6: Tha barrels

Picture of Tha barrels
To make the door, I had to get several pieces of hardware.

I needed 2 flat braces, 2 handles, 4 hinges, 8 barrel locks and enough screws/nuts/washers to hold everything on.

Each door got 4 barrel locks since they work together to hold the door closed while spinning and they help to keep the shape of the door, since they tend to lose their shape and flatten out.

Each barrel also got a flat brace installed inside. It sticks up slightly to prevent the door from falling inward.

leander374 years ago
For an extra $25 or $30 I'd consider getting an extra drum and cutting a door that would be oversized as compared to the opening. This might alleviate fit/warp/sticking issues.
iPodGuy (author)  leander374 years ago
That's a mighty fine idea.
Layout7 years ago
My grandfather once made a similar design out of a metal drum. He cut the door out of a second drum and made it larger than the opening. That way you only need two hinges and a latch and the door still holds its shape. Plus it is much easier to open than 4 barrel locks. Great Instructable.
Metal is a good idea, but be careful about what was previously in the drum (oil? pesticides? bleach?), and also consider rust as a potential issue.
does anyone compost in the desert who used to do it back east somewhere? I was wondering how the process differed, if at all, between the two climates.
kcfarmer6 years ago
I was thinking about putting weather stripping around the door to bridge that gap. I also considered a slotted aluminum strip bent to match the curvature of the drum and pop-riveted into place to help reinforce the door and make it bigger than the opening; takes care of the door falling inwards too.
bike folder6 years ago
Great. Simple enough to follow. My earth worms will multiply in the garden even faster. This would be good for Mother Earth News magazine. Spring is on the way.
iPodGuy (author)  bike folder6 years ago
Thanks! Where would I go to submit it to Mother Earth News?
Just go to http://www.motherearthnews.com and click on contact us in upper right. On that page click the little radio button that says editorial and then another page will drop down and choose do it yourself. Just fill in your contact info and let them know you like to put your piece in the magazine for people to learn from. Maybe put your link so they can take a look at it.
treadyroc6 years ago
I'm a bit lost on the placement of the flat brace... can you further illustrate/explain? Is that it at the bottom there? I can just barely see something sticking up above the rim of the opening...
iPodGuy (author)  treadyroc6 years ago
Yes, that's the flat brace. It's mostly obscured since only that little part sticks up. All it does is prevent the lid from falling inward.