Introduction: Paracord Dog Collar - Double Double Cobra Weave, King Cobra, Double Single Cobra

I call this a 'Double Double Cobra Weave' which I used to make a collar for one of my basset hounds. Very simple - just double your cords and do the cobra weave; I used a 3/4" metal buckle. This made it wider than a regular cobra weave.

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KelliS21 made it!(author)2015-12-17

Hello! Where did you find the beautiful, pink paracord? Thanks!

elliemae61 made it!(author)2015-12-23

I purchase almost all of my paracord and other supplies from pars cord They have a HUGE selection, Great prices, super fast shipping and superb customer service. If you like their facebook page or sign up for their news letter you can get 10% every month.

KelliS21 made it!(author)2015-12-26

Thanks so much!!

Velvelkjell made it!(author)2015-06-26

Hello there fellow basset hound lover:) I have to make one for my boss hound too;) nice to see other real dogs here too:)

evilplankton made it!(author)2013-12-05

HURRAY for cute basset dogs

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