Introduction: Double Edge Staw-Saber/Blaster

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Take your next party by surprise Darth Maul style.

Step 1: Hardware

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First you'll need a paper covered straw an a pair of scissors or something to punch a small hole with.

Step 2: Load Up

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Tear a small strip out of the center of your straw.

Step 3: Blowhole

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Cut or punch a small hole in the center of your straw/barrel.

Step 4: Arm

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Separate the paper sleeves far enough that they still have a good amount of straw still inside, but not close enough to catch on the edges of your mouth.

Step 5: Aim, FIRE!

Put the straw to your lips, place yourself between your two targets and let havoc fly!


amberrayh (author)2015-04-02

Cute trick! I'll have to try this at my next family outing.

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