Double Exposure With Lomo LC-A+ Film Camera




Introduction: Double Exposure With Lomo LC-A+ Film Camera

In the age of digital photography, there is no anticipation or element of surprise. You snap photo after photo, only to review them seconds later, discarding any imperfections and only keeping a fraction of what you shoot.

Here are some ways to produce unique photos that you can’t produce with digital cameras:

Step 1:

1. Take a shot.  I usually shoot with ISO 100 film. The first frame you shoot should be in a fair amount of light and a good ground rule is to take the first shot of a texture (clouds, cobblestone, brick, striations).

Step 2:

2. WITHOUT WINDING THE FILM, slide the exposure switch on the bottom right of your LC-A+.

Step 3:

3. Take your second shot in order to double expose the film.   The second frame should be taken in brighter sunlight than the first or with a flash. The second frame should be of people or details.

Step 4:

4. Now, you may move the advance wheel forward.

If you wish to create multiple exposures, simply skip step 4, repeat steps 1 & 2 and once you are finished with that frame (at the end) move the advance wheel forward.

Ta-Da you will be producing photos like this in no time!



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