This instructable is how to turn an ordinary flashlight into a versatile double flashlight. I took an old flashlight my father-in-law was going to throw away and transformed it so that it would still work as a flashlight, but also have a flash drive in it that I can use for covert data storage.

Step 1: Assess Your Flashlight

In this step you need to determine what you will need to do to modify your flashlight. I took mine apart and laid out all the pieces to figure out what I would need to do. I wanted to keep most of the flashlight intact so it would keep that vintage look.

Here are the parts of the flashlight
1. case
2. reflector
3. lens
4. lens cap
5. end cap
6. bulb

1. case - some dents but the switch works well. Also has a setting that allows you to send morse code. I don't know morse code, but I think that is cool.
2. reflector - A few scratches, but works well
3. lens - a few scratches but intact
4. lens cap - looks like it has a serious dent, but screws on okay with a little effort
5. end cap - slight dents and has a loop which is cool.
6. bulb - great condition

I ended up keeping everything but the bulb. Your flashlight may be different so I encourage you to see what you want. I got rid of the bulb because I wanted to run it off less battery power to free up space in the case for the flash drive.
Great idea! I never let people throw those kinds of things away, can't even buy those kind anymore! :-( <br>They don't make em like they used to, now they're all cheap plastic crap from China! People don't realize these old things can be fixed pretty easily and infinitely (assuming they aren't rusted through)!
<p>I agree these older items are sometime more sturdy than the newer ones.</p>

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