Picture of Double Flute from Two Penny Whistles
Remember Jen's double flute in The Dark Crystal? You don't? Oh, well, you must have more friends than me. Anyway, here's a way to make an unusual instrument using two cheap penny whistles, some sculpting clay, and whatever decorative touches you prefer. By the way, when you view the attached video, keep in mind I cannot play penny whistle. At all. So don't bother telling me. And if you do play the penny whistle, and make one of these contraptions, please send me a video so I can post it instead.
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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
Two penny whistles. I used Flagolet brand in D. I suppose, if you were clever enough at music theory, you could choose whistles in different keys that would harmonize in a cunning way, but one of the limitations of this instrument is that you will be using the same breath pressure on each whistle, so it's hard to play low notes and high notes simultaneously.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Tape the ends of the whistles apart at a distance that pleases you. Use the sculpting clay to make a bridge that will join the two whistles. Bake the clay according to package directions. Don't bake the whistles.
Shadri2 years ago
This is great! The double flutes at my Renaissance Faire cost an inordinate amount of money, so I'm looking forward to making my own (for less than half their price, no less)!
Thanks for the 'ible! :D
LiftAndLove3 years ago
OH! I remember watchin Dark Crystal alot. (:
Soupraok3 years ago
Double flute all the way... what does it mean?

But seriously great Instructable, good work.
spookylean (author)  Soupraok3 years ago
If you want to know what it means, check out another of my Instructables...
HAHA That is awesome! Thank you for that! It made my day!
spookylean (author)  Soupraok3 years ago
Any time!