Double Fruit Lemonade Solid




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Introduction: Double Fruit Lemonade Solid

Yes, the title is weird. This instructable is much better than my rubbish title.


Get that lemonade flavor with just 2 all natural ingredients! The effects of this are quite strange.

Step 1: The Ingredients

All you need is 2 fruits (you could home grow both if you wanted):

Easy! You could get lemons at the local grocery store!

Miracle Fruits
These might be hard to find. Check out this instructable by putzer for how to home grow them.

That's it! Those are your ingredients.

Step 2: Eat

To get the lemonade flavor, eat the miraccle fruit then the lemon. YUM!



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    By your picture I thought this was going to combine lemonade with LED lights! :)

    i'd use tablet form. easier to get, less perishable, and easier to use.

    isn't this because when you eat the berry, it makes your taste buds think acid is sweet?

    1 reply

    Yeah, I think so

    its kind of a shot instructable... but still its good

    YAY, somebody linked to my instructable! Some of the best lemonade I've ever consumed was this exact recipe! You could also try with grapefruit, limes, etc.

    1 reply

    Isn't it yum?