This is a instructable about a paracord cord two colored double helix keychain. Cost: A few dollars for the paracord. Time: 5-10 min

Step 1: Supplies

For this awesome tutorial you will need something to cut with (scissors, or knife), a lighter, a foot of one color and 1 1/4 arms lengths of the other color (Go 49ers!), and you can use a key ring or a small caribener.
this is amazing! I decided to use a s-biner for the clip, and digital camo paracord.
i even used the scraps to make a smaller one
Nice Instructable
Awesome idea!
try go say 7 times one way then 7 times the other way, it comes out like this awsome wave thingy...
It's fine haha
sorry. my last comment posted multiple times :S
awesome I will try to do it Thanks for sharing
awesome I will try to do it Thanks for sharing
awesome I will try to do it Thanks for sharing
Yes I've made two colors it looks awesome
And consiquentially, if you flop the side your not is falling on every pass, you will make a braid that goes straight. <br> <br>but of course, the spiral is always more awesome.
If you splice 2 different colors together and use that as the yellow chord it comes out pretty cool. Just tie the knot at the splice when you start and you will have 2 colors mixing as you go. I made one with half green and half tan that came out nice.
Thanks for the added information. I will give it a try when I can get some paracord!??
Haha that's heard it been called so many different names I guess its just where you live
Oops girth. And yes I do apologize I have herd it call a girth hitch it's just been a long time !
Gerth hitch ? Please it's been a saddle hitch for ever ,
@NaaF thank you but when you burn the red ropes you press it into the gold rope while its still molten plastic. that sticks together and the all one string is a great idea
I got the colored rope at a army navy surplus store,
I'm gunna try this:3
so cool where do you get the colored rope??
Great instructable. I just tried this out with my shoelace and it can be done with single peace of rope. Using just one piece of rope is better cause it can't fall apart at the end. It can be done if you tie a knot at the end of your red string and then make double helix back over itself until you reach the ring and make a final knot. You would need longer red string. Hope my description is clear =)
Can you be more specific? What about the length of the &quot;Red&quot; inside rope? Otherwise wouldn't you end up too short, or too long? (or am I missing something here?)
I'm so sorry, the inside red rope i used 1 foot or so and it was plenty. Or you could just think of the length you would like your keychain to be and double it and add 3 inches for the girth hitch. The gold outside rope I used about 6 1/2 feet and i had plenty.
About 6 feet will work
Very cool! Could you please add a specific measurement instead of &quot;1 1/4 arms length&quot;, since not everyone has the same size arms.

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