Double Helix Keychain





Introduction: Double Helix Keychain

This is a instructable about a paracord cord two colored double helix keychain. Cost: A few dollars for the paracord. Time: 5-10 min

Step 1: Supplies

For this awesome tutorial you will need something to cut with (scissors, or knife), a lighter, a foot of one color and 1 1/4 arms lengths of the other color (Go 49ers!), and you can use a key ring or a small caribener.

Step 2: Burn Rope

A burnt rope is a happy rope!

Step 3: Tie Girth Hitch

Using the shorter rope, tie a girth hitch to either the caribener or a key ring.

Step 4: Start the Knot

Start with a overhand knot to secure it to the inner cords. Then do another overhand knot and keep doing up to the the key ring. Pay attention which way you do your knots because they all should be the same way. It will naturally curve

Step 5: Cut and Burn

Pull each rope tight then cut it and burn it. Repeat to the other ropes. A burnt rope is a happy rope

Step 6: Done! Enjoy!

Now you are done. You can put this on a backpack luggage etc. if you like this please follow paracord__nation on Instagram!



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try go say 7 times one way then 7 times the other way, it comes out like this awsome wave thingy...

sorry. my last comment posted multiple times :S

awesome I will try to do it Thanks for sharing

awesome I will try to do it Thanks for sharing

awesome I will try to do it Thanks for sharing

Yes I've made two colors it looks awesome