Picture of Double Makalu - Origami Scupture: 12 woven pentagons (no glue)
Hi and welcome to a small part of my world :)

I decided that MAKALU wasn't enough of a challenge, so I made it double!
Double the units, double the difficulty, double the fun :)

Makalu is one of the 5 Himalayan peaks of origami folding, and this double model adds a little spice to the mix!

This is an icosidodecahedron (origami is a great way of learning about geometry and polyhedra).

Ok lets get started.

What you will need for this instructable:

1) Time.
2) 15 squares of paper.
3) Patience.
4) Good music.
5) Mild OCD (not essential, but it helps)

Step 1: The paper!

Picture of The paper!
Firstly, good music! Easily embarrassed is great origami music: https://soundcloud.com/easilyembarrassed

Take your 15 squares, and cut them in half.


Now take your 30 2x1 rectangles, and cut them in half again. Accurately.

You should have 60 4x1 rectangles now.

torstenp162 years ago
I know I keep saying this, but I will eventually get around to making one of these. These'd be pretty sweet as a stone or metal sculpture too!
joettle (author)  torstenp162 years ago
I have been wanting to make metal sculptures for a while now...
I'll post an instructable if I ever get it done...