Picture of Double Mirror Right Angle Drilling Guide
Drilling a straight hole can be difficult because you can only see one side of the bit at a time.  Without a lot of practice, many of the holes end up perpendicular in one plane and not so perpendicular in the other.  Drilling with a conventional guide (2 blocks at 90°) works in some applications, but when using short bits there's not enough room.  This is quick, cheap & easy drilling guide will help you bore accurate holes even with small bits.  Using two small mirrors, it works similar to a dressing room mirror to help you view the bit from all angles.  When all the bits are parallel, start drilling.  It's that easy.    

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
Basically what you need to make the guide is 2 wood blocks, 2 mirrors and a means of sticking them together.  In my case, I used double stick carpet tape.  If you don't have 2 small mirrors, you will also need a glass cutting kit & a straight edge.  

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BeeTrap1 month ago

Great idea, thanks. I will definitely be making one. I have a drill press and a drill guide jig, but you can't always take those with you or they are cumbersome just to drill one hole. This will make up for all of that and my unsteady hand. Thanks again!

Nice idea. My drill has a level bubble, but only for one axis.

alcurb10 months ago
Very clever tool for drilling vertically and true
sadiablo2 years ago
excellent idea. Will definitely be making one of these. A couple of vertical lines in the center of each mirror might also help as a reference.
Question, wouldn't you need only 1 line on account of the reflections, or no?
sk8er61 year ago
10,000 THANK YOUS!
Stone_UFO2 years ago
awesome idea
Dardaro2 years ago
great idea i dont have a drill press, and this is very cheap and easy,i do have two mirrors for an old cardboard periscope project to make it
Yours is a brilliant solution to misaligned drilling!!   Even though my drill has a water mark for vertical and horizontal drilling I was never able to do it right until now. I am forever grateful. Any more ideas?
kentdvm (author)  wannalearntoo2 years ago
Thanks! It does work remarkably well. Glad you could use it!
jtharkness2 years ago
What a great idea, and so simple! But you thought of it, and my hats off to you. Thanks, I will definitely make this, and perhaps also use it with my drill press since even there it is hard to see all perspectives for precise drilling.
voxelman2 years ago
This will also help with positioning the work piece under a drill on a drill press. I'd like to think of a way to suspend it spring loaded perhaps from the drill press head so that it doesn't have to be positioned each time.

Also, www.mcmaster.com has mirrored 1/8th inch acrylic that has adhesive on the back. A 12"x12" piece costs about $10.
anode5052 years ago
pretty clever
pfred22 years ago
Too big for a drill press you say?


You'd be surprised how well that works.
kentdvm (author)  pfred22 years ago
That is sweet! Never seen one like that before but a great idea.
lime3D kentdvm2 years ago
Yep, Mag Drills have been around since the 1970's. We used them to drill holes in the middle of very large plates of steel.
Every good cat-burglar movie has one of these. I just saw it in Bad Santa last week.
pfred2 kentdvm2 years ago
It isn't as compact or portable as your mirrors are though. But once it is setup it is easier to manually operate.
hcalitz2 years ago
After drilling far less than half of all 180 holes straight, I certainly appreciate your genius! :) Brilliant idea!
LarryB2 years ago
Great idea! Reflection might be clear enough to work even if you used a cut section of a CD-ROM. Easier to cut than glass and cheaper too. The hinge then could be DUCT tape for a really low cost model to leave in the toolbox.
kentdvm (author)  LarryB2 years ago
Excellent idea. CD's would certainly be more durable on the go if they are large enough to see. Give it a try and let us know. I like it!
Brilliant. Just Brilliant.
WPee2 years ago
Looks like more fun than a 'fun-house' full of mirrors...... Nice!
Ganhaar2 years ago
Every now and then you come across a simple but brilliant idea to a and wonder why you haven't heard of it before.
Edgar2 years ago
So THAT'S how even I, can make a decent 90º hole!
Good Job! :)
Went to my Blog post:
ptorelli2 years ago
Ingeniously simple solution!
Bettybstt2 years ago
This is an excellent instructable! Even though I have been doing cabinetry and some carpentry for the past 14 years, I still can't hold a drill straight up and down. I have tried using a try square as a guide, but this is SO much better! Thanks. Now, can you make a jig that will help me use a hammer?
BrianJewett2 years ago
Brilliant! Every wood and metal shop teacher should be showing this trick. This is one of those things that could have been done 100 years ago and Yet I've never seen this before.
A simple and elegant solution to a persistent problem. My congratulations to you!
lasharela2 years ago
polymarkos2 years ago
That is damned smart. I've oft had trouble precisely aligned drilling, and spent plenty of time jiggling a workpiece and swearing. This thing makes me wonder why I didn't think of that! Any time you say 'why didn't I think of that' you really mean that it is pure GENIUS!
Manny B2 years ago
Cr@p! That's devilishly clever.
sarawelder2 years ago
This is a superb idea! FOr those of us wearing progressive lenses, getting things straight gets a lot harder. I will make this this week!
sconner12 years ago
Great tip for those who either don't have a drill press or have a piece that can't go on a press.
blindpig2 years ago
Really cool idea! I've drilled a lot of crooked holes,am sure gonna' add this to my bag of tricks....
Brooks.B.J2 years ago
Really neat idea, I love it! Thanks for posting it ;-)
You can take a small circular bubble level and glue it to the back of your drill. When the bubble is in the crosshairs you're straight up.
billbillt2 years ago
Very good idea!...
avengine2 years ago
simple and good idea, I like it.
badbad2142 years ago
Nice. Stupid idea: If you trace a vertical line on each mirror at the same distance from the angle it should give you a good reference to align your drill...
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