This is my version of a Double Origami Heart made from a SINGLE BILL.
Items required for this project:
  • ANY bill ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or if you're really crazy or have it around a $1,000 bill)
  • time and patience

Step 1: Creasing

Picture of Creasing
2x Heart03.jpg
2x Heart02.jpg
  1. To begin, start by using a crisp dollar bill.
  2. Crease the bill in half width wise.
  3. Then crease the bill in half height wise.

Hop I can follow the steps since origami isn't my forte but this would be perfect for sending my niece some cash for her birthday. I don't like giving cash in lieu of a gift but what do you give a 14 year old girl that works better than cash :)
dailodai78 (author)  barefootbohemian3 years ago
take your time slowly and work on $1 bills only...heh. until you master it. you can watch the video if you're stuck.
Thanks :). I'll let you know how it comes out
This is awesome! Love that you included a video too. :)
dailodai78 (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
thank you! Not sure if people would be confused with some of the steps and I tried my best to explain the steps. if they were confused with some of the steps, they could check the video on how to do it.

thanks for the comment :)