Step 2: Folding

  1. Take one side (in this case, the right) and fold it towards the center.
  2. Now in the front view, fold the bottom portion to the center of the bill.
  3. Repeat with the top portion of the bill.
Hop I can follow the steps since origami isn't my forte but this would be perfect for sending my niece some cash for her birthday. I don't like giving cash in lieu of a gift but what do you give a 14 year old girl that works better than cash :)
take your time slowly and work on $1 bills only...heh. until you master it. you can watch the video if you're stuck.
Thanks :). I'll let you know how it comes out<br>
This is awesome! Love that you included a video too. :)
thank you! Not sure if people would be confused with some of the steps and I tried my best to explain the steps. if they were confused with some of the steps, they could check the video on how to do it. <br><br>thanks for the comment :)<br>

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